You Know You Have PTSD When...


When you realize you haven’t actually had a ToDo list.... in far far too long.
(About 4 years?? >.< )

@Rani G Good Catch! I wouldn’t have noticed Elvis Left The Building without that thread, post. I think I’m doing better than I am, because I’m doing better than I was, sometimes. And that makes the list, now, too ;)


When you go to a drug rehab to get off 6 years of prescribed morphine, and they tell you you're not an addict. Probably because you answered I had a 6 oz coke the day before yesterday, and they have to tell you they mean cocaine, which makes a lot more sense. They gave me medicine to help with withdrawal, and even though I knew I would die, I got through it.


When your reaction to getting drunk is now warning your good friends to be careful and never take drugs because you don't want them to overdose.

Or you have a meltdown over someone booking a flight because everyone is just dying lately.

Thank God,neither of these has been me for years. Recent one however...

When you have had 'normal' weeks or even months and you start forgetting you have it.... Then a trigger/flashback hits and you find yourself being unable to move and crying hysterically for 2 hours (while feeling it's a lot shorter).