You Know You Have PTSD When...


Your recently added watch list? MIGHT just indicate an anniversary incoming. Like holly f*cking shit. No. No I do not need to watch that. Or that. Or -12 others- those.
You ask yourself... ‘Am I drunk enough to watch this?’ And the answer.... “Nooooooo. No I am NOT” &/or “Why, yes. I think I am.”

Ummmm... Chemical distance? Prolly shouldn’t affect one’s viewing choices. Or life choices. FFS.


Someone asks if you know about / what you think about the Schrödinger’s cat experiment.

(the theory being that until you open the box to find out if the cat is alive or dead, it’s neither).

And you reply...

“It assumes a helluva lot to believe I’d trust the bloke that there’s a cat in there, to begin with. 🤨

The conversation went rather downhill from there.


I'd be reporting the bloke who put the cat in there for cruelty.
LMAO... That’s partly where the convo went.

To be fair? I was toooootally in a mood. Schrodingers Cat isn’t new / I knew what they were getting towards. I was just grumpy.

“Just assume the premise!”

“Why should I? Is this bloke known for sticking things in boxes to die?”

“Let’s say he is.”

“And, for some reason, I’ve chosen to participate in a thought experiment, rather than attempt to rescue whatever poor damn creature he’s locked in a box, this time?

“Yes. You have“


“Stop thinking of reasons why you might have done that, and how that negates your responsibility in answering the question; or ways to kill Schrodinger to put an end to his habit of animal cruelty, which also absolves you from answering the question. I know you. Quit your bitching and answer the damn question.”

“First it starts with animals, then people.”

“Schrodingers Cat. Existing in a state of neither being alive, nor dead, until one opens the box. Tell me what you think.”

“That it’s narcissistic, bordering on outright delusions of GodMode, to believe that something has to be witnessed by you, in order to exist. Just because *I* don’t know if something is alive or dead, doesn’t change the fact that it is either alive, or dead.”

“I give up.”

“Although if recently dead? We might could fix that. Especially if the cat froze to death.”

“No. Really. Go back to what you were doing.”

“You’ve got me all invested in this potential psychopath’s cat, so much so that I’m completely abandoning my own principles and going against my nature to participate in a thought experiment -for undisclosed reasons, which may or may not be affecting my answer, like; have Insuffered a head injury? Am I chained up in the box next to the cat, and the only way to be let out is to answer inane questions?- so my answers might not actually be reliable under the circumstances... and you want to forge on ahead! But now that I actually answer you, NOW you want to quit?”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m not disputing that. I’m challenging your commitment to scientific rigor.”