You Know You Have PTSD When...

If you've ever had a conversation like this:

"Why didn't you tell me you were in the hospital??"

"I dunno... it didn't seem like a big deal."
My oldest friend and I finally had to sit down and agree upon an update matrix 10 years ago. A whole green/yellow/red action plan kind of thing.

- Anything green was totally kosher tell her about it after the fact.
- Anything yellow she would prefer to know in real time, but I was allowed to use my own discretion
- Anything red she’d be pissed off not to know in real time

That was SUPER helpful to me.

Red - Admit to hospital or ICU
Yellow - Being seen in the ER for potentially life threatening thing
Green - ER but just need stitches, or nebulizer, or similar

I made her my emergency contact person to deal with the whole “I was unconscious! How the hell am I supposed to call you if I’m unconscious?!?” issue that came up from time to time