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You Know You Have PTSD When...

10 kids at a seven year olds birthday party bouncing balloons and running around and making about as much noise as they can is totally cool, sitting at a stop light with 10 adults in their cars just trying to get home on a saturday afternoon and you are feeling the butterflies flying until you can figure out who the a holes are.
Hearing someone who you thought was your friend make a derogatory comment about you, and second guessing what you think you heard. Knowing that if you address it, they will lie. So carrying it as if the whole world hates you. HMMM
You go to the supermarket dissociated, in the evening, buy some frozen food. Get home dissociated, forget you bought frozen goods, they thaw overnight in the shopping bag. You find them in the morning by coincidence "Oh, I guess they're thawed now and ready to cook and I found them in time so they're not spoiled". Put them in the oven, dissociated. Only barely remember to get them out of the oven on time (again, dissociation). Sigh... It's complicated... But at least I got a decent meal out of it... That I had planned to eat for dinner, but it was today's breakfast. It was yummy and I shared it with my dog who thought it was yummy too.