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You Know You Have PTSD When...

-you pack your bags to go to the psych hospital more often than you pack to go on vacation
-going grocery shopping is considered an adventure
-if you average 15 hours of sleep a WEEK, you think you're doing pretty well
-your significant other wears their old high school football gear to climb in bed with you, just in case you have another night terror
-You have total familiarity with the concept that your mind exists separately from your body, and who knows where your emotions have gone, or the other way around.
-You play with dolls and stuffed animals to recreate the childhood that got corrupted by your past which you cannot let go of, and which continues to corrupt your play.
-You stop to think and then forget to start again.
-"Triggers", "Flashbacks", "Survivors", "Perps" and "Therps" have become the predominate words in your vocabulary
-Your main purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.
-You use self help books as walls and dividers and room partitions. You also use "The Courage To Heal" as a paper weight.
-Your therapist is on speed dial, but you also know her number by heart
-Most of your best friends are people from online
I really like your funny take on this terriblely misunderstood thing and I wouldn't of got it until now as recently diagnosed with PTSD I know exactly what you mean lol great good to hear a lighter side
Ya good reminder @abovedown , I'm turning off the news right now. Even a woman said to me yesterday, "I think people who watch movies like this are sadists". But she didn't turn the channel! I was only there 10 minutes and it was gross. I've started to turn on Christmas movies in the background late at night. Or Blue Bloods or SEAL Team or comedies. It actually really makes a huge sub or semi conscious impression I think (not in a good way).