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You Know You Have PTSD When...

Even your wife quits asking what you are looking for when you stand looking in the fridge or the pantry for several minutes, because she knows you are standing there because you can't remember what you are looking for............
“Why are you staring at me?!?” is a phrase you haven’t been asked in a loooooong time, so it startles you when someone demands to know; because clearly? I’m not. You’re just sort of in between me & the horizon/infinity.
You know you have PTSD when...

1. ...you have more emergency helpline numbers in your phonebook than friends,

2. ...you consider Born on the Fourth of July a 'feel good movie',

3. ...you see your psychiatrist, your psychologist and your GP more than you see your family,

4. ...you can remember the name of every soldier in your regiment from 1967, but you can't remember the name of your only grandchild,

5. ...your bestfriend is the psych nurse who hasn't dislocated your shoulder,

6. ...you avoid seeing your friends because you think that they think you're paranoid

7. ...the last time someone climbed into bed with you, they were promptly sedated and taken back to their own ward.

8. ...you spent last year's Australia Day firework celebrations trying to recover the rest of your platoon.

9. ...you wake up at 2am and are thankful that you've finally had a good nights sleep, and

10. ...you're the only one at your ten year highschool reunion with gray hair and a pension.
So true! I have the local crisis line and my mental health office on speed dial.