Sufferer 64-Year-Old Starting Trauma Therapy


New Here
I am just returning to this page since I have been off my desktop computer for a while. I know I can also use my phone by I am no way near adept at entering data as fast as I would like. I used to be a transcriptionist many, many years ago, so a keyboard is so much quicker for me.
Hi again!
Came back earlier but they were doing a site update. I have to read your post in pieces because of a circumstance w/ my internet today far I have read enough of your reply to know that we have some things in common: turning 65 in August (mine is the 19th), having done transcription, staying up way late at night (morning), and loving to read.

I'm sorry you've had such a rough time recently. Re your glancing remark about the apartment living: I think living situations are of enormous influence to C-PTSD sufferers (for obvious reasons!). I surely have had some major problems in the past with them (for example, living near an apartment building where people would idle their engines for a half hour next to us, and in another more rural situation 4" centipedes in every room of the house).

I will come back to read the rest of your post regarding therapy. Unlike you I've never been to therapy. I tried one appointment when I was 20 and she was the old-school "blank screen" type therapist; I went away feeling awful.
I hope you're having a great evening; we are taking turns on this tablet so I have to close now. 🌹