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Am i at risk for ptsd?

Hi guys!
I was recently diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression. I was sexually assaulted as a child and repressed it until I was a teenager when it all came into light (bad timing). I became suicidal and felt dirty all the time. I got help and got better this was several years ago! Unfortunately I saw the guy a few months back! After seeing him I started experiencing being on edge constantly, always looking over my shoulder, restless etc went to my doctor who thought it was anxiety. I was put on lexapro and then aropax after having severe side effects they were stopped! This made me 100 times worse! I had to have days off work as I was in a ball in bed because I was vomiting so much. I’ve been given Valium in the meantime till I get an appt with a psychiatrist to see what meds I can take. When I was diagnosed with clinical depression I was surprised because in my head I wasn’t sad so didn’t think I had depression! I had the lack of motivation, loss of appetite, agitation etc. what are some of your coping mechanisms? I talk to myself to say I’m ok which my psychologist told me to do! It helps calm me down when I start getting anxious.

Thanks for listening! This is all new to me! I’m happy to listen if anyone needs it
I am lost., I do see a therapist, how ever my wife does not give me any support we have a 7 yr old boy. I know. It is not his fault of course it is the abusers I had in my life..I try in tell my wife how I feel ! She seems to understand for about 2 hrs.I have been a stay at home dad, since my son was born…was then I was flooded with the past, I don’t neglect him in any way however. ..I should get the Academy. Award these past 7 yrs I hide everything my pain is unbearable sometimes I just sit in cry when he is in school…I am not looking for pity from wife just to know how much I’m hurting insidr..What she do to add fuel to fire had a online sexting affair and possibly of line, There was no way I was ignoring her I would plead with her for sex..In there was not one time during our love. Making that I was satisfied first,,I always satisfied her then myself..Still. I suffer in silence in my river of low self esteem, self hate, but some how I keep on going for my” son, Peace
It is looking at it from the other point of view, that it is possible that certain traumas might be passed through genetics to predispose a fear to a smell of cherry blossums, as in the rats, it is a drawing a long bow, but you could extrapolate that it could make a certain person more likely to get PTSD?
Absolutely. There is a difference though when talking males to females.

For example, females are at higher risk due to nothing more than being female. That places 50% of the population at higher risk due to their sex.

Males are at higher risk within specific circumstances, not merely being male. In limited contexts there are low socioeconomic males who are exposed to violence and such, who may attribute PTSD that way. You have a percentage who will serve in the military — a majority male dominated field and typically males are the ones who enact and fight war. Females are the minority in such situation.

Again though, why I used the above example, is that females are at increased risk for doing nothing other than being born female, where males are not. Males require a categorisation to increase risk, not merely being born.
Great article! Thank you so much! People often comment that I am making it all up or attention seeking or , my favorite, believe I am pretending in order to scam the government. So when I see articles stating the facts, and in such a clear and concise way, it's like breathing fresh air.
Thanks again
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