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Anyone had an experience with 100% online therapy?

I live several hours from any urban centre. I do EMDR online. I had been living in a big city. When I moved My therapist was able to set up online EMDR for me. Works better in person but I still benefit a great deal from it
I started therapy in late Feb of 2020. I think I had one or two sessions in person. There are definitely cons but there were also cons to in person therapy. I look at it more as shifting the pain points. I think a lot of people really focus on all the bad parts of virtual and forgot that therapy is just hard and there were lots of shitty things about in person. That said, I am in no way judging the people who really can make virtual work. I am just saying to keep and open mind and remember therapy is going to be frustrating and our brains will look for reasons why whatever format we've chosen isn't the right one.

Virtual only had rough spots for me. Sometimes I was sweaty or freezing in my car. Sometimes I dropped a session due to connection. Some days I don't feel as free to talk because someone is around. At first it felt really strange to be so disconnected yet talking about the most personal of memories. I just talked to her about all those feelings. I talked to her when video felt weird, when my session environment sucked. I feel like it helped build rapport without always having to talk about the intense stuff. It does make me sad that I may never see her in person again. I know I would never be able to keep the same schedule with her if I had to drive and I may have pushed too fast and burnt out then quit. I will take the good with the bad and be happy I have progressed even though it's taken forever.
On a separate note, I'm still looking into getting funding to receive therapy from a centre which specialises in DD and dissociation. I asked them how that would work given I live far from the clinic and obviously the answer was 'online sessions'.

I mean great to have a potential option for specialist therapy. But I don't see how purely virtual therapy could work that well for someone with a DD. Maybe that's just me though. Maybe others prefer that.

Anyone had an experience with 100% online therapy?
I see a kind psychologist specializing in PTSD 100% online. I would love to meet in person, but following the pandemic, he does not do in-person visits. Utilizing bilateral audio has been extremely helpful for us. If your doctor looks like an otherwise good fit, I highly recommend trying them out at least!
Not necessarily online but I have my sessions via phone and it works OK....have a few issues but those aren't to do with her. I think it works better for me, than face to face.