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Poll Are You Artistic?

Are You Artistic?

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I write music when I'm upset and poetry to calm my thoughts. Some novellas too. Also, I make jewelry and sketch things in nature I find beautiful.
There is an online DID support forum (I joined before my diagnosis was changed to DDNOS) that has a subsection of their board dedicated to art. People share their artwork and they also have monthly group art projects. (Not one collaborative one to add to, but a topic/assignment for each person to interpret as they wish. Although I guess that could be cool, too.)

I think that would be really cool to incorporate here--apparently almost 90% of us are artistically minded, so I bet it would get a lot of traffic. Although I'm not sure if this site allows the uploading of images. If not, photos could linked to on free sites like photobucket.
There is an online DID support forum (I joined before my diagnosis was changed to DDNOS) that has a subsec...
It allows images but, not sound and sites don't seem to pick up my voice to post links to recordings. Sounds like a great idea!! Explain DID & DDNOS?
I'm not sure if you aren't familiar with those diagnoses or just not the abbreviations. I don't really feel qualified to explain them and the board says my post count is too low to post links, so I would just google them and probably pick the NAMI link.
Writing, photography, sculpture, dance... And I dabble in a few other things.

All of this past tense. Haven't touched anything in about 2 years.
Been having the first impulses to actually create something for the first time since… I don’t know when.

I haven’t actually made anything, yet. So we’re going on 10 years, now, rather than 2. But the impulse returning? Feels important.

Curiously, enough? The… sparks… are in areas that are not my foci. The kinds of arts I do as hobbies/breaks/ways to clear my head. Like home-design & kimonos. Or like an opera singer who goes out and sings in jazz clubs once or twice a month, or hits up the mic at a bluegrass festival. They’re not “my” thing… just something fun.
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I'm a hair stylist and nail tech, so artistic flair is kinda part of the job I guess. In my spare time I like to draw, albeit very infrequent these days. I also did some painting during bereavement therapy, mainly because she kept pushing me to write (letters, journals and stories etc), but I can barely write a shopping list 🤣. Not good paintings, but of course it was. The process and meaning that were important, not the finished product.
I also love to sing. Not exactly Whitney, but I can hold a tune. I've always loved to sing, and knew how much it helped me mentally, but it wasn't til we started a Choir within our local Sands support group that I realised just how amazing singing and music is for many people! It's been truly amazing to see the growth and healing within the groups members.