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Poll Are You Artistic?

Are You Artistic?

  • Yes

    Votes: 402 88.2%
  • No

    Votes: 54 11.8%

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hmm dont know how to answer this one.. i used to cross stitch in my 20s, i did candywrappers and invitations a few years ago, I did a screen shot web comic for an mmo game i played.. ended up stopping because i had my breakdown and well if i cant laugh or feel happy , how the hell can i be funny anymore. attempts at it after felt flat... and i just gave up. when i was on another support site for something else , i started writing loose poems i guess trying to journey from being in deep pain to well finding hope ... and everyone who read them said they were moving and deep
my last comic i made , pretty much for my friends who had stuck by me, whats on the board is steps to the group i was just in ... sigh the quest for therapy....


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First off the PTSD has destroyed my creativity....:cry:. But i do still try to do what i used to and can it just doesn't have the soul behind it. But all ive ever been able to do is artsy things draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, perform and any thing i put my mind to. But with the emptiness its like artist block :banghead: with the added joy of blocking everything else along with it. one day i hope to get the artsy fire back, along with everything else.:unsure:
I enjoy creating. I tend to obsess over tiny details to make them right, even though I often am never fully satisfied with what I create. I tried digital painting, but I enjoy the sounds, feeling and mess of traditional painting and drawing.
I feel it helps open my mind a little instead of feeling trapped with ideas, fears or visions. Lately I've been drawn (pun unintentional) to depicting nude women's bodies free of guilt. Like, open and proud positions. Part of that makes me feel free, in a way. Like I am proud and don't have guilt. Relieving.
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Yes! I'm a writer; poetry and novels. I also did a lot of pottery but stopped.

I've done some dance and painting in the past.
I voted no. I used to create awesome poems and I even drew a little. Sadly all that seems to be lost to me n...
I hope you can find some poetry again <3 I would love to read some if you do~

as for myself, I love drawing, singing, playing the piano, writing. Life. Art is the color of lifeee for me.