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Are You Artistic?

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Sheila, please be very careful not to cross into self-promotion...

I'm retired Anthony, images of works that have already sold are what I am talking about. These were one of a kind pieces, never reproduced as prints.

Also, I still do photography, but I do not sell it, I share it for the sheer joy of doing so. I no longer show in galleries either. Sorry for any mix-up!
Went to art college too, but I dropped out after graduating first year and went to study anthropology instead. It was too difficult for me to do the art thing, at times too confrontating, and I don't think I could ever have done it for a living.

I mostly write now. I used to also paint (big canvas) and draw. Otherwise I like to take self-portraits (like my profile pic here). Sometimes an image says more than words, I like that. Besides that I'm really into music, learning to drum.
I write, sculpt with polymer clay and model with the 3d program Blender, I use to draw a lot and had hopes of doing it professionally but life interrupted and I haven't drawn anything in a very long time.
To the question of finding time to be artists and make things, I find I need to take a firm hold on my schedual. I need to commit at least 4hrs a day to uninteruupted work. It should be more but I get interrupted often my by husband.......He thinks that now that the children are on their own he owns me. Old story. I married what I knew...verbal abuse and sudden cruelties. Ditterence now is 20 years of therapy. Only last week-end di I say,"This is my life and I'll say what I think is right." WOW this is my life, not selfishly, just with autonomy.
I'm not artistic by any means, but I enjoy drawing and painting a lot. A lot of letter forms. Calligraphy, Script, Block letters, organic style lettering/making them look like animals or monsters/kaiju, cartoony versions of characters from movies, tv shows, comics, or games I like.

I also really like sculpting. That was my Senior Project in high school. I sculpted Boba Fett from Star Wars. It looked horrible, but it was fun. I recently got into engraving too. Engraving some of those reusable cups for my uncle. That's a really fun experience. Just put music on to drown out the loudness of the machine and carve into the surface.

I only write for me though. Especially after what happened. I would just write for hours. In the middle of class, on the bus. It took my mind off of things. I gave them to my psychologist. She asks if I normally do well on writing assignments.

Cooking and baking are also fun:)

Where am I going with this?
I do many different forms, I feel "art" is a much broader term then most people think :)

I enjoy working on complex crochett patterns, making "something out or nothing", drawing to understand how I'm feeling, sewing, painting, story telling, and writing and illustrating children's books...oh, and recently I discovered I enjoyed coloring :)
I guess you could say I have always been artistic. I used to draw pictures as a child. I loved singing ; still do to this day.

Infact about 2 years ago I wanted to become a professional musician.

Been playing guitar for 4 years ; 2 on classical guitar. I am taking private lesson and going through the royal conservatory curriculum.

I have managed to compose 2 pieces; 1 waltz and 1 contemporary .

On another note. I joined a non profit organization that works with artistic people that suffer from mental illness .