Poll Are You Artistic?

Are You Artistic?

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I’m creative but I feel like my creativity has always been used for others. I learned to quilt, both my mom and aunt feel the skill is there’s to use at will. I learned to paint wood when I was a kid, that was used to gift others. I learned to crochet and that too was used. Maybe it’s just perspective, and I could choose to see it as sharing my gift. Sometimes I wish I could just be good at something, and no one would ask me to do it for them. Not that I couldn’t volunteer just that people wouldn’t see it as an open invitation. Do most artists feel this way?


I draw & paint. Not constantly though. Used to rake photographs too, not taken so many in the past year or so. Used to make clothes when I was a teen. Would live to start doing that again.


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Yes! I knit and love painting by numbers. I've done cross stitching, diamond painting, painting with acrylics and next up to try is weaving and air dry clay sculpting/paintings.

As a child I used to make furniture for my barbies from cardboard and kitchen paper. It's sad to look back on now, as I was incredibly lonely as a child so I guess that was my outlet and way to keep myself busy.