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Poll Are You Artistic?

Are You Artistic?

  • Yes

    Votes: 402 88.2%
  • No

    Votes: 54 11.8%

  • Total voters
I’m creative but I feel like my creativity has always been used for others. I learned to quilt, both my mom and aunt feel the skill is there’s to use at will. I learned to paint wood when I was a kid, that was used to gift others. I learned to crochet and that too was used. Maybe it’s just perspective, and I could choose to see it as sharing my gift. Sometimes I wish I could just be good at something, and no one would ask me to do it for them. Not that I couldn’t volunteer just that people wouldn’t see it as an open invitation. Do most artists feel this way?
I draw & paint. Not constantly though. Used to rake photographs too, not taken so many in the past year or so. Used to make clothes when I was a teen. Would live to start doing that again.
Yes! I knit and love painting by numbers. I've done cross stitching, diamond painting, painting with acrylics and next up to try is weaving and air dry clay sculpting/paintings.

As a child I used to make furniture for my barbies from cardboard and kitchen paper. It's sad to look back on now, as I was incredibly lonely as a child so I guess that was my outlet and way to keep myself busy.
I voted no. I used to create awesome poems and I even drew a little. Sadly all that seems to be lost to me now.
It happened to me after a bad depression so I decided to go to a painting class when I recovered a little and I'm so glad I did it.
If you can do it, It's like meditation and calms my mind.
I think anything that you do because you enjoy doing it knowing full well that you will never perfect it is a part of the definition of art. Maybe you have to create something tangible, maybe not. Is good sex an art form?
I will never perfect music, photography, fishing, gardening, being a tool designer. I think my continued attempts make me pretty artsy craftsy, so yeah, artistic here. I even posted here once before but this one is better, so I am working on my thread posting arts.
I make one of a kind art dolls, and I am a cosplayer, so sewing and fashion/costume design is what I love for. That and running my cat rescue. ❤️
I said no. I've always wished desperately for some kind of artistic ability, but it's just not my forte. I've tried drawing, music, dance, photography, pottery...and I'm terrible at all of them! At least I can appreciate the fine work genuine artists can create.
Keep working on it!! Surely you will improve until you can express yourself on it :)