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I think it looks like a dragon.
I made these while waiting for clothes at the laundromat. I sat outside on a bench under a huge tree in a parking lot strip near a busy corner.

The first one looks like the spirit of a mother tree.


While I was drawing the next one a serious accident happened. I heard a deep *whump* and then steady honking like an alarm and saw people running to the intersection from the Christmas tree lot on the opposite side of the street. I couldn’t see the accident and went back to drawing, then a man parked and asked me excitedly if I heard a loud noise, I said yeah, he said, “I’ll bet you did, there’s a car on its side in the middle of the intersection.” It’s funny that he explained it to me, I never would have known. I walked over to see and by then the fire truck was there and oddly the firemen were just sweeping up glass around the car on its side: there were two young people sitting on the sidewalk corner and paramedics talking to them. No one seemed concerned about anyone in the car so I figured they were the survivors.

I couldn’t figure out what my scribble drawing was for a long time but I think it’s like an elephant with wings or something getting lifted up. The people were lifted from the accident. I am lifted from my past. When I left the laundromat everything was cleaned up.