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Art therapy - share your work here

I was coping with and processing being nervous and worried about waiting for a video call with a guy I am interested in and he’s interested in me. I was nervous and worried that I’m not figuring out well enough whether or not he’s a good fit.

That’s what I was processing in a non-verbal way here. I think maybe this is about protecting myself or something. I am trying to figure out how to protect myself and also stay open. It feels like a lot of work.

Those were my protector rocks from today. I carry protector rocks when I’m feeling anxious and lately I have been.

Beg pardon? How/Why/Who?

oh sorry I should’ve said this a little better. “Higher ups” refers to higher ranking parts of my system (I have DID) and because Master (head of group from trauma time) put them in a higher spot than me I have to listen to them or they’ll set certain “programs off”. Programs being feeling drugged while being stone cold sober, the sensation of spinning really fast and emotional flooding, hallucinations, I can go on.

they are adamant we’ll end up back with trauma group and so we aren’t aloud to stray from that path. Calligraphy as seen as straying from our beliefs and purposes (except, everyone has opposing ideologies and beliefs, some think they’re literal God, others are left to wonder the inner world in perpetual agony.) it’s confusing, I hope this cleared things up.