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Article claiming divorce caused ptsd

Discussion in 'News, Politics & Debates' started by Zoogal, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Cyberluddite

    Cyberluddite Active Member

    True. I'll add "causation = correlation" to the list the author's racked up. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he was a paid disinformation specialist. Gonna go have puppy therapy for a bit. Love y'all! :hug:
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  3. joeylittle

    joeylittle Donation drive til August 1, donate today Administrator Generous $250+

    Correct. But they need to be in the situation to experience the correct scale of fear. After that, the fear can be invoked. Simply telling then you'll take them out on the water might cause them intense stress - and I mean intense, horrible stress - but, in the kayak example, I don't think the telling alone has enough proximity to the plausible threat. As soon as you take them on the water - you have proximity.\

    And I expect there's a grey area in there, when they might become convinced they are being taken out to water, although it hasn't happened yet.
    Did you ever consider that you may have other mental health issues contributing to your struggle?

    I do notice that some people - and I'm not saying this is you, @Kittengirl - prefer PTSD to be the answer, because it doesn't seem the same as other mental illnesses. It has an identifiable cause, where other mental health problems don't, always. And, often, that cause is someone's fault. Person A does something very bad to person B, and person B develops PTSD. So, person B can see themselves as not having a mental illness so much as a disorder that was stamped on them by someone else.

    Sometimes, people need someone to blame, and an explanation.
  4. mumstheword

    mumstheword I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    I finally got around to reading the article and found it irritating and misleading. I cannot see anyhow or anywho, one could possibly get PTSD from a divorce. Ridiculous and utter bs, if you ask me.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  5. MyWillow

    MyWillow Well-Known Member

    Notwithstanding the article in the OP sounds like complete BS... @joeylittle I think you make some really good points. Particularly around needing an explanation.

    Personally. I’m not diagnosed. I actually can’t think of anything worse than having a diagnosis (which may or may not indicate that I’m in full blown denial still ;) ). I’m in private therapy for the most part so a diagnosis means diddly squat for insurance purposes. In fact I’m inspired to stay functional so I can afford it. But we talk about structural dissociation a lot and I experience distressing symptoms (dissociative flashbacks, amnesia, nightmares, panic attacks, self-harm...damn but I don’t even like writing that out) that resulted in me stumbling across this forum because it’s the only place that I feel understood although I have less than no idea what is so traumatic about my life. Sometimes the distaste for those who are undiagnosed on this forum - by some members - is palpable. It’s discouraging to say the least.
  6. Cyberluddite

    Cyberluddite Active Member

    Each person handles experience differently, and each person respectively grows at different rates. Humans are a spectrum, they don't handle being forced into neat cookie-cutter categories or pigeonholes any better than they handle being betrayed by those they trusted.

    Although the starting point is essentially universal, the grieving process is universally individual. For some, the betrayal is too great to risk trusting anyone else again; for many there will always be trust colored with skepticism.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but ego makes a person legally blind. And I am not one to talk, as I have my own issues to contend with. :sorry:
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  7. Kittengirl

    Kittengirl Policy Enforcement Banned

    Before I could admit I was a victim of sexual assault, I considered lots of mental illnesses for years before getting to PTSD. Ones that stuck before I could fully admit it were namely me being tied between that I either had Generalized Anxiety Disorder or OCD, but considering the onset of the 'anxiety' like symptoms I assumed it was PTSD. I have also considered I may have something else along with PTSD. All other mental illnesses seemed to be too vague to apply to me, PTSD fitted the most symptom-wise. Vivid flashbacks of the sexual assault were a bit of a telltale sign to me, and physical symptoms such as dilated pupils, tense muscles, shaking and sweating made me very suspicious, but I'm keeping an open mind now.

    All in all, when the waiting list for the doctor is less busy I'll go and see them and we'll see what they have to say.
  8. loner mcdonald

    loner mcdonald New Member

    cant believe they printed that. that is a real joke. loner
  9. Cyberluddite

    Cyberluddite Active Member

    Amtrak's train wrecks are more respectful of it's victims, not that it's much of a comfort in comparisons... :banghead:
  10. Cyberluddite

    Cyberluddite Active Member

    Then there's things like this, that give me hope for humanity's ability to use it's compassion towards folks with PTSD.

    Goodnight, folks. Love y'all.:hug:
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  11. Deanna's Gap

    Deanna's Gap Active Member Premium Member Donated

    'Usually when I get irritated, I'll feel something cringe under my skin. When I read this article, I felt the same way and my inital delivery was about the same way. (scattered).. I lost interest after the for 3 or 4 sentences because it sounded like "i wanna' be PTSD" People can write anything and maybe I just take it at face value anymore or maybe I just don't care... but, I"m on the same page as you here.
  12. Neverthesame

    Neverthesame A Mind The Dead Have Ravaged Premium Member Donated

    It was glamorised to a ludicrous extent.
    This quote here is what made my eyes roll so far back in my head I thought I'd turned inside out.
    "I hadn’t done something good, I wasn’t the hero, so why should I be allowed to claim I had PTSD and warrant pity?"

    Warrant pity?
    Wasn't a hero? f*ck you.
    Guess what asshole? Failing at a marriage doesn't a hero make.
    Take your pity and shove it up your jackseat.

    The only thing I hate worse than pity, is being called a "hero".
    Why? Because I didn't die?
    I've had it happen more than once. Made me want to vomit every time. I don't talk about it to anyone anymore.

    He wants pity and hero status for surviving a court battle?
    He can have mine, for failing to save a life.
    See how far it gets him.

    What a piece of shit this guy is. I see why his wife left him.
  13. CatInTree

    CatInTree Active Member

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