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Big Brother Fanatic Here!

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Oh yer... nothing like seeing how complete strangers, all from vastly different backgrounds handle one another, especially after 2 or 3 weeks when they start becoming more comfortable with one another. About the point where sparks fly... (rub hands together... sick and twisted... )
I was addicted to Boston Leagal, but now I have to pick up my husband right when it's on.:eek: Saddening. Very sad. :( That and music videos are about all of my television diet.
well every other year i did get into BB but this year not as much i think the group is not as entertaining yet i still put it on some nights to have the background voices.....hope next years group is beta...though the mother and daughter thing was entertaining on some levels....i was a big fan of sex in the city and have purchased the collection...
I just ended up watching the highlights from my country. There are the 'usual' suspects

Gay Camp Man, Gay Mentally Disturbed Muslim, Pre op Transexual, Plastic Surgery Obsessed Woman, Unstable spoilt 'models', Male 'Models', Tourettes sufferer to cover the disability card, a particularly strange black woman (an exercise scientist). A few more 'normalish' people complete the mix.

It's great to see such self obsessed people and realise however many things may be wrong, most of these people live in the belief that they are normal. So it really is simple. Change your mindset, say you are normal, and you can be as normal as them. Alternatively, don't.
I know what your saying Carp... it is just all wrong what they do on that show. This one here in Oz just about got cancelled with two of the fella's being booted just recently for malesting one of the girls beyond the bounds of appropriate... where even the Prime Minister got involved to say, shut it down... the pressure is on them now, social experiment or not.

Kerrie and I where just taking notes the other night, about how many of them have a birthday on the show... being another facet that would influence whether you got in or not. I think Australians are getting bored with where they have gone in the last two years, with just young dumb one's, trying to encourage them to have sex, none off which have done... and even if they did, Australian broadcasting doesn't allow them to show it over any form of transmission, TV, Internet, etc etc...
Not open for further replies.