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Sexual Assault Body memories? Feeling sore/used down below.


I didn't really want to go into details but I think I have to to get more understanding of what, if anything....but please know, this is super hard to post because its just so personal.

So a long time ago now, for a while. I was getting this feeling....it doesn't usually last for long and it hasn't happened for a while now, until early hours. But it's like, I don't even really know....like the feeling of being r*ped....like, feeling....I can't think of any other way to put it than feeling sore/used down below.

I don't know where else this could come from, if it wasn't the ab*se/r*pe.

Does this make sense? Is this a body memory? I think that was something triggered from seeing my ex last night....maybe? I don't even know. I've had it before but not for a long time
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Does this make sense?
Is this a body memory?
No way for any of us to know. Bodies do strange things sometimes. You have to become your own detective and scientist and try to take data about when it happens, what’s the trigger, what are the feelings/thoughts/images/sounds/smells etc that go along with it and process with a competent therapist to answer that question.