Relationship Broken Heart: UPDATE, Alone and wondering if he will come back

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Educating yourself is the best thing you can do. I know it’s hard to stand back, it’s natural to want to help. But the truth is, it’s up to him to fix himself. He has to be the one to do the work. Being a supporter is just that, supporting. If you want to help, taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally is the way to do so. When someone can see you have the ability to look out for yourself and they don’t have to do it for you lessening their stress and at times guilt. Your in a place right now for your own self growth, as hard as it can be at times you will be stronger for it, stay in the positive. 🙂
Does anyone here have any experience with the Stellate Ganglion Block treatment?
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Hi BrokenHeat, I am scheduled for my 5th Stellate Ganglion Block on Dec 17, 21. My first one was last April and even though I've had to have 4 and need another my life has been transformed. My PCL-C score was 66 (the top score is 80 and 30 is indicative of PTSD) before my first. I was suicidal and all other treatments including EMDR, therapy, and meds only minimally helped me. After my first SGB my Dr had me retake the PCL-C test and my score dropped to 46. After my 2nd one, it dropped down to 21!!!! It has literally saved my life! After the 2nd one, I started to slowly get off my depression and anxiety meds with supervision. When I was almost off I had my 3rd and my 4th when completely off 2 months later. I am still in therapy. I had been on psych meds for over 30 years, and whenever I tried to get off them in the past I got extremely suicidal. I never knew I had PTSD until the covid lockdowns and I started having flashbacks to the emotional abuse and abandonment when I was a child. I am really fortunate that I survived b/c the suicidal ideations were terrible. I don't know what state Friday lives in, but I have no problem in CT. Idk why you wouldn't be able to find anyone in Canada to do them other than having to wait a long time due to your healthcare system. Oh, and my insurance covers them 100% for the treatment of PTSD. It is now an established treatment. I'm grateful I found out about them and tried them before reading what Friday wrote about them!! I see that they are a moderator, it would be helpful for a moderator not to make sweeping judgments on something that can possibly save a person's life! I don't know what trials they are listing either b/c they are definitely more effective than placebos!! Know not everyone needs to have as many as I have, each person is different, and yes, they don't help everyone.

Here are 2 scientific articles that you can read if you'd like - Behavioral health clinicians endorse stellate ganglion block as a valuable intervention in the treatment of trauma-related disorders (You will notice SGB is rated much higher than EMDR, in fact, it's rated higher than all treatments for PTSD), and Clinical Guidelines for Stellate Ganglion Block to Treat Anxiety Associated With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (I've always had left-sided blocks and it works just fine). Good luck!!
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