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Can't find work (not fit? for work?)


New Here
"constantly being told I'm not fit for work" as my husband says my PTSD is so bad no wonder no one is hiring me. I was diagnosed in 2008 via a lawyer in my child's custody case I ended up getting her away from our abuser after the local state (Missouri) sent my daughter away to our abuser (social worker later got fired). I've had to work, raise my daughter, and not get treatment because if I said anything to employers they didn't want to hire me. So I kept it in for 20 years. The PTSD is getting worse. I've tried medication that only puts me to sleep. I cannot get help from the unemployed office because my previous toxic work environment lied and keeps lying. I also have carpel tunnel making it harder to do even things around the house. I do not get income at all and we are living on my husband's commission work so the stress is extremely high everyday. So we can be at each others throats living 24/7. Both of us are trying to do the self-employment avenue. I have not gotten work at all since I opened my art biz in March. I was there when I worked full time for my husband for him to get his off the ground. I left because my husband said he could handle everything (he can't). I try to get online, work from home, gigs, or anything no one wants to hire me. The health care system just wants me on pills and I really don't want to sleep for the rest of my life or be in a prison in my own head. I am at a loss... There are no qualified health care providers near me that know how to deal with PTSD. We can't afford to move. I'm about to pull my hair our or go off on the deep end because every month we fight about the paying the bills when I bring them up or buying food. I'm frankly sick of it all.
Hi @treewater, and welcome!

I'm sorry you are struggling so.

I try to get online, work from home, gigs, or anything no one wants to hire me.
So, what do you think is your biggest problem in getting work? Why does no one want to hire you? What kinds of positions do you think you could do, and what have you applied for?

Job-hunting is hard, and owning a business and marketing it is even harder (I have two businesses and mostly don't do work in either right now). Sometimes we have to think outside the box. I made a list of things I *could* do, then I started looking for online work that matched that. Not sure where you are located, but there are several sites online that showcase work, and a few that showcase remote work.
Lets see when I tell the place I have PTSD & Carpel Tunnel they never call back or never message back. I live in rural America. I am limited when to how long I can use my hands such as needing a break 15 mins every hour because my carpel tunnel hurts so bad from being a computer repair tech for 7 years after working at a IT call center for 11 years. I am currently working on building products for my art related biz. My mother who has manaturler degeneration depends on me to watch my 90 year old grand father who has cancer when she has to go to the DR's office once a month. If I do not cook meals for my husband he will not eat and has gotten close to loosing to much weight because he thinks he has to starve himself (self punishment) because no one pays him what he is worth because they are so selfish. As I said I have 20 years of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse from my family and an x husband that I have never had help with other than Dr's putting me on medication when I did work and it would make me so sleepy I couldn't work as I would fall asleep. Several DR's mind you. My past employer HR lady who owned part of the biz I worked at of only 4 people a computer repair shop would get upset at lease once a month. Screaming walking into walls and saying she wanted to kill herself while at work with me present. I had to listen to her as a personal therapist while trying to work. I have allot of issues I need to work through. I would need help and know I can trust people before I could return to anything honestly. Plus who would hire someone who has this many issues with needing frequent breaks. Not here where I live its suck it up butter cup life style with boss's being bullies. As far as showcasing my artwork. I have a portfolio. I also have 12 social media platforms I post those on as well. My husband builds custom websites and manages them for local biz that hire him. He is a Consultant/contract worker. So when I say commissions it is whatever the person will pay him basically which again they are selfish, condescending, rude, etc.