Childhood Experience That Haunts Me


New Here
Hi first time posting on this websites

There’s this particular memory that keeps on eating me away and I can’t seem to let go.
I was six and my brother was four years old. I told him to come into my room naked while I was naked. He did so and I told him to get on all fours so he did and i sat on his back, maybe we saw it as “horsey?” I’m not sure all I know is that it lasted less than ten seconds and then he returned to his room. I’m so confused because it happened so randomly after school…I didn’t see it as wrong or maybe I did or I was just curious I’m unable to remember…I’ve been thinking of this for more than a month and it’s getting worse. I spoke to my dad but he said I should just forget about it because I was a kid but it’s impossible. It’s been almost a decade probably eight years and my thoughts still haunt me I’m so sad please help and please…PLEASE tell me what I did wasn’t incest or abusive. Thanks!
Well dont feel bad It was a curious moment I mean when your growing up so the first times are hard to forget you know there's hella folks that have done this before I have experienced fun with sisters but we always get together and play it off so no one knows about that
I don't think it's that weird for a child though would feel awkward looking back on it now. You could try focusing on more important things like dealing with any trauma or everyday things.