Core Beliefs & Counters



Admitting ‘weakness’ to myself? Is called insight. Opens the door to self-acceptance, and potentially self-improvement.

Alternatively? I am a team of 1 - I can’t compensate for Team Me’s weakness unless I am candid with myself about them.
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Not a counter exactly

I can see how that would be quite countering though, even if not reaching the level of a corrective counter. >.> If you are welcome / aren't shunned by the (stranger) people, it miight be because they are not bothered by you at all & you are all well behave, hence not bothering them, or they would have reacted.

& If not a burden to strangers, it means there is at least one wiide category of people where things work out. Good testing ground for letting core beliefs slide, every case.

Rani G

Method 1: Accumulating different experiences of not being weak, and this being validated>>> Many as possible>>>>so that finally the light bulb goes on. Still having hopes on this... minimal progress

Method 2: Sitting and looking at antique photographs with old songs from childhood and waiting for the crucial point to arrive. So they say, the inability to integrate traumatic memories psychologically and physiologically... so, in my naivety I try selfhelp Therapy.


I am a failure.
Counter: I can’t hate or shame myself into success. But I can use failure to grow into it.

I am too stupid.
Counter: Plenty of people who have lived lives that mattered were not Einstein.

I am beyond repair.
Counter: Life isn’t all about my being fixed.

They will hate me for...
Counter: Maybe. Or maybe they will just be caught up in their own lives and worries.

My counters all have a little snark lately. It sort of works at the moment to suspend the core beliefs for longer and longer moments at a time.


Core fear beliefs:
My brain lesions from my head trauma will tear further wiping out my executive functions, eliminating my choices during a PTSD episode. I will betray my own ethics.

1) I have free agency. Nothing is in stone ,however, with careful health and mental health monitoring, I can continue to make proactive decisions within my personal boundaries with accountability and self respect.

2) Perhaps or perhaps not: but not today. One day at a time.


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Don't show or admit weakness. It will only do harm/be used against you.

I have to deal with all problems myself, can't be a burden on anyone.

No-one really understands me.

I am a crisis-magnet.

Every good thing in my life comes with a catch or at a (high) price. This is reciprocal, the better the thing is, the higher the price.

Making mistakes causes catastrophes and really hurt not only me but the, innocent, people in my life.

I'm a fraud. All my achievements are based on knowing how to play the game/system, not because I'm actually good (deserving?) And I'm all talks, not actions.

No real counters, yet, still learning.
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I can mindread. I know people want to hurt me.
counter: it doesn't matter what other people want.

People will hurt me whenever they have opportunity. Never be vulnerable or exposed because people will hurt me.
counter: a stranger asked if i was okay yesterday. didn't hurt me or stalk me. no negative consequences. have to remember.

Being seen makes me vulnerable. someone will find me.
counter: none.



I‘m a deeply weak human Being
——must be strong all the time, too emotional= weakness, too compromising =weakness

I‘m not truly intelligent
___ others see my stupidity

Someone stronger than me should punish me and belittle me
___ because I deserve to be humiliated, and I will submit myself.

I Betrayed my family
By walking away from their crazy abusive behavior ( NC)
So I’m not a loyal person, not good enough to belong anywhere else-not loveable, and so different I never will belong anywhere.