DDNOS DDNOS - trying to understand parts. Finding this difficult.

I found The Body Keeps the Score and it was amazingly helpful at sorting out why I have "parts" and what I'm supposed to do with them. It's become kinda of my PTSD bible LOL
Thanks @Freida ... I don't do well with books... I'm unable to concentrate long enough to read and digest ... but I recently started listening to it on audio... I've only got about 2 chapters through and haven't got to the clinical part of it yet..I was finding it quite heavy so haven't gone back to it but so many people say it's helpful so thanks for the reminder to give it another go! Glad it's been helpful for you 🙂
I think this is a good place to get to...we tend to think there's this holy grail place to get to with healing, 'integrating ', knowing etc... but in reality it's a process of accepting the fragmentation... and as I've been learning through Janine Fisher, getting to place where there isn't conflict between the parts...as opposed to trying to just integrate into 'one'

Thanks @knuckles ... wish you all the best with it too...

I thought you may appreciate watching this... it's helped immensely... it's not as long as an hour - the actual presentation bit is only about 35 mins long... and she explains everything in simple terms ... very easy to understand ... lots of bells rang for me ...

@beaneeboo thankyou for the youtube webinar...any chance you might post the follow up one as well? This was so helpful!
I thought you may appreciate watching this...
Thank you @beaneeboo I've come across Janina Fisher before, but had not seen this. Right now I have no idea what she said, but I know I liked the video.
Another source of knowledge on dissociation I find helpful is Dr. Mike Lloyd. He has a channel on youtube called The CTAD Clinic. The videos are not long (most are 5-10 minuttes), but I find he touches on many relevant aspects of dissociation. ...wanted to say more, but I'm currently out of touch with all this it seems.