Don't lie to your counselors!!

I have experienced too many uncontrollable Mental Health Issues because of my constant lying. I shut down when something is wrong or bothering me! Which makes everything more difficult. I have dealt with a lot of pain . My Grades are suffering in the process.
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Seems like a waste of time/money/talent if I’m paying someone to assist me, but lie about what I need help with.

Conversely? I don’t owe the truth to anyone, based solely on their job title. And people being employed by businesses, schools, etc. to assess whether or not someone is an asset or a liability? Isn’t someone I’m paying to help me. It’s someone the organization is paying to weed out problems. Being able to remain discrete, I don’t have to lie but I don’t have to run around shouting the truth, either; is a large part of what keeps someone in the assets column rather than the liability column. You’re employed by my boss, to see if I’m still an asset. That means my personal life, and problems? Are off limits. Full stop.

There’s a middle ground, where experts (like grief counselors, or trauma therapists) are brought in to help in the wake of a tragedy, by both ethical people & ‘just good business’ alike. Some of those experts are brought in purely to help the people involved, and whilst paid by the company, report their findings to no one. Some of those experts are brought in to assess & limit the damage, (in addition to good PR, and limiting lawsuits, and other ‘good business’ practices), and report to the company hiring them.

So, for me, how honest I choose to be with whom? Is a judgment call.