EMDR Self-Techniques


I was a monster

Hey! I have that one, too ? That would be a good one to get rid of for sure.

Thank you for the detailed response. That's actually a big help because I have had a lot more fear of sudden new memories surfacing than I have about looking at my trauma. I have done so much looking at my trauma that part probably won't be so bad.
Sometimes you can recover stuff you may not necessarily want to recover. I was happy with not remembering every one of my traumatic events. I can remember them all now, and although it was nothing I was surprised by, it wasn't very fun. But having a skilled and responsive T makes all the difference in the world because they can and will help you get past anything that comes up.


although it was nothing I was surprised by, it wasn't very fun.

That's what I have been expecting and/or concerned about. I know shit went down. The stuff I do remember is pretty screwed up but I know I have strange mental blank spots and my sister has told me about things that I don't remember. I am sure that one day they will come up to the surface. I just don't want them to do it my first month at a new job or something like that.

In fact, I'd really rather go through something like EMDR during a period of unemployment like right now but I'm not sure I want to commit to finding a new therapist and hoping to get through anything before I have to go back to work. It's definitely something worth considering. Actually, there is a third option where I get a crap part-time job, pay my therapist to go through EMDR and then look for a real job after. Decisions, decisions.


, what do you think it is about the treatment that is so hard? Is it focusing on and confronting traumas
Yep. You basically relive the event to change how you think about it. It can be physically painful and I'm always exhausted afterwards.
as? Is it because new traumas surface? Is
Yep. I can't believe how many new things came up. Not like repressed memories but more memories I wanted to never face - if that makes sense? It's why I call them bubbles...it just kind of pops and there it is
s it because trauma responses increase during the treatment? All o
Yep. Freakiest one was when I lost the ability to speak. The first time that happened it scared the crap out of me
s. It makes me wonder if it is even worth it to do any EMDR
It is totally worth it!!! When you process the memory properly it's like a huge weight comes off your shoulders and you can finally breathe when you think about it because you are calm and almost indifferent. Things that used to give me horrible nightmares are now just sad events in my past.

Not everyone has the same reactions to emdr though. @somerandomguy and I have similar experiences in it, but my niece has had it done to increase her self confidence and my sister had it to process some memories of a bad car crash and both of them say it was incredibly relaxing. (Yep..I'm jealous! LOL)LOL