Sufferer Feedback wanted - diagnosed 8 years ago PTSD and bipolar


Thank you for the words of wisdom Justmehere. Yes I will need to change my actions when things start to go south. Turn off tv and play with the dog instead or take a walk outside. I know that will help. I have to help myself.

On the bright side. I got calls back!! The Ethics Commission called about the report I left on the therapist and her supervisor, and about me running out of meds. They assured me that someone would look into how they would deal with the supervisor for inferring that I just wanted drugs. And told me I was right and should had been referred to the medicine Dr. at the beginning of therapy sessions. The lady was not particularly happy with how the supervisor handled me. She said the therapist is new (7 months) at the job but is still uncertain about the ins and outs. of the job... or so she excused. She also said the central supervisor of the clinic would call and set me with another therapist and an appt. with the medicine Dr. About 30 minutes after I hung up I got another call and was switched to different therapist in a different office and an appt to see the Dr. for medicine next Friday. And that supervisor was willing to have the med Dr. also call and refill what I am out of now, but I told her not to as I am already out I didn't want to get them and restart them and then possible be taken off them? Not to mention the expense. But things feel a little better now.. I feel the tension getting better. Stress is dropping. Phew. They said it took them so long to contact me because -one had double ear infection , and the other had pneumonia. over the holidays. Both calls were very polite and seemed very genuinely upset that I had been through this difficult time. If I drank I'd have a wine or something. I probably should start drinking.


Glad to hear your actions brought the desired outcome. And no, don't add drinking to the list of things you have 'undo'. But loved the comment!!!

Unfortunately, this is how things have to be done now in regard to any kind of medical care. But very happy to know things are moving in the right direction.