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Genital mutilation

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Anarchy, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. littleoc

    littleoc Making everywhere I go a better place Premium Member Donated

    Thank you for sharing this

    (I haven't read any other comments, so sorry if I'm repeating something.) I have a hard time reconciling this with religion, though I myself am not religious and hadn't planned on circumcising my sons, if I have any. However, my mother had it done to both of my brothers because she felt they would "look weird" otherwise. My nephew also had it done, which I didn't comment on because I felt it wasn't my place to. Part of my family (dad's side) is Jewish, so that was a large part of it. It is a symbol of upholding a Covenant with G-d. It used to be done to adolescents going through puberty, too, but that became not the norm.

    But I do agree, at the same time. Which is why I'm not really saying much. I'm really shocked that it's considered normal now days, or in Early Modern times (1400-1700ish). I was sad to be laughed at when I brought it up once. I'm glad you posted
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  3. grit

    grit Active Member

    What an interesting topic to wake up this morning. It is way too long to read about it so I did not read all of it. There are so many misunderstanding of this topic.
    I had female circumcision and so did my 5+ sisters. My husband had one too at 15 years in Canada for medical reasons - the skin got too tight because his penis was growing bigger than the skin so every time he got a boner, he was suffering. So two different reasons but here we are both!

    I want to spell some myths about FM.
    There is no advantage for FM - I think no one is arguing about that.
    You can still orgasm even having FM - regardless of the severity because orgasm is in the brain - and also remember many women who have full equipment do not orgasm either. Having orgasm for women is stimulated by the body but achieved by the head. I heard one time men who can do it without touching too!
    FM is practiced in US and Canada and Europe in such that either it is done under the table or the kids are taken out of the country and are brought up after the fact.

    Those who said uncut men have hygiene problem is laughable because women have so many skin down there - that must be just disgusting right? NO WRONG! skin is skin.

    THE MOST DISADVANTAGE FOR FM IS HAVING A BABY. There is no skin to expand, since it was cut mainly and many can die of extreme injury in the area and bleed to death from wounding in third world countries. Many also die as a child because the knife may reach to far to the cervix or sometimes the uterus (remember it is on children so every thing in that area is too small and under developed so it is easy to butcher the cut).
    Another area is they sew the labia (after they cut the inside labia) so you are sewn up and when you get periods, the clots do not fall off and you die of shock or infection or you bleed for 2 weeks at the time to just blood coming out of a tiny hole created for this. You cannot have intercourse and if you do, a hard dick has to beat on a sewn skin so just imagine the pain.

    The beauty of the labia are cut and the vagina looks bare! and infections can get in so easily. it is just open hole!

    When it comes to trauma, from my own personal experience and those told to me in first person, dissociation from the body is the best way to endure. some kids are shown their cut clitoris and are spooked or traumatized for life.
    The act of cutting is very traumatic no matter what...cause the child is awake, conscious, cognizant, and is restrained. It is pure rape!

    I would not compare the female to male because one causes reproduction issues and the other causes medical issues ...and both cause medical, social, psychological and spiritual damage.

    As for me personally, I opened my vagina at 21 in Canada so I could have sex. I have no medical issues or any other trauma that is impacting from this...(that I am conscious of ). Because I can orgasm without having a hood, being sewn up for 15 yrs, I actually taught many western women how to orgasm...so I guess I learn something.

    This is really for the third world countries. Here we have free medical and we can do many things and not worth argument about it. There are a lot of young women bleeding and dying because of this.
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