How long did it take you to trust your therapist?


I just started seeing a new psychiatrist. Two appointments in and I trust her. The previous two I worked with took a min to build that trust...not long though.

One of my biggest issues was temporarily losing my sight during my PTSD assessment. I transferred my fear of that to my new psychiatrists. So it took a few appointments with them to trust that they wouldn't trigger me in that way.


It would depend how you define “properly trust”.

Interview Appt = I trust that
- they know more than me
- I can learn from them (2 different things)
- they possess a je nais se quoi quality that speaks to me // usually involves the ability to make me laugh <<< That might not LOOK like a trust-feature, but very much is. Without it I’ll never I’m very unlikely to give them the time of day, much less anything more personal.

^^^ Without that much trust from Day 0? They don’t even make the short list, much less make it to Day 1.

As far trusting them beyond that? That’s pure experience. As in I have to have experienced ABC XYZ 123 with them, to form any kind of judgement.

I don’t do total trust/no trust/mistrust. I did, once upon a time, but it’s been over 20 years since I lived that way. Since then, I view trust more like a sound board, than a light switch. With dozens/hundreds of knobs/dials and thousands of settings. As each knob starts at -0- and can dial down to -10 (mistrust) or up to +10 (absolute trust). The more experience I have with them? The more solid the dial settings are. But whilst I may have a +8 in something therapy related? I’ll still have dozens/hundreds of zeros around things like sandwich making, finances, childcare, etc. As those aren’t things I have any direct experience & observation to form the basis of my judgment.

So, since I depend on experience & observation to learn how much I can trust someone, and in what areas? It depends on both the time I spend with them (someone I see 6 hours per week will build faster than 1 hour per month) as well as what I myself bring to the table.
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