How much does your therapist charge?


mine is £110 per hour.

I work for a low-cost clinic though that charge what the person can afford most pay around £25-£30. You get a trainee therapist for that.

The average here is about £60 for a general therapist.


Much depends on the state or country where you live and what type of mental health professional, therapy or modalities that are being used. As you offered that you did not have insurance, investigate what is available in your area within free clinics or sliding scale.

If everything seems out of budget, then research the most recommended self-help books for the area most prominent at this time for you. Many books are in the public library that are only a few years old. The help desk at libraries are often ran by those librarians that have a Master’s Degree and are quite the well-spring of opening doors to find self-help books and/or local groups. Often pamphlets are available as well. I spent many a year in self help education when I was flat broke : it works if you work it. As well, some states have public libraries that offer titles free to borrow for the public on-line if you can’t travel there. So you can still move forward!


I currently have an NHS T but when I was looking at private they were £100-£150 for a trauma therapist. But heh maybe I'm fussy.