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So I am 18 still living with my dad, my dad has been my single guardian my entire life but today I found out something absolutely disgusting about him.
Today morning I woke up around 8 am to some sounds of a video my dad was watching, I heard little girl voices in the video. I thought that was pretty weird but didn't think much of it. Later on around 9 pm my dad went to walk our dog and he left his phone at home. My dad does not have any password on his phone and is very bad at overall using technology. So the video from earlier this morning had been bothering me and I decided to check his phone. I open his phone and see some type of news article and then I check his tabs and I see 2 videos involving girls with swim suits on. The girls seem to be around 7-13, look a bit like me as a kid and are even of the same ethnicity as I am. My dad is watching those type of videos on Youtube. I have no idea on how I should tell anyone about this incident, I thought about going to the police but then I'm scared they won't do anything to the matter and just ignore what I will tell them. I don't have any adults in my life other than my dad, it's always been like that. I have a few older siblings but they live in different countries so I have no idea on how they could help me.

I'm in desperate need of help on how I should approach this matter.
Are you saying you have seen child pornography on your dad's phone?

Videos on you tube of children in swimsuits isn't necessarily child porn.
But if you think it is, depending on what country you are in and the laws there, then it might be a offense to watch it. And and an offense for youtube to have that content on there.

But I am confused as the description of the video doesn't seem pornographic.

So what is it that makes you feel disgusted about it?
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I agree with @Movingforward10 .

If it’s porn on YouTube, I’d start there. Report it to YouTube. And from there, I’d find out which law enforcement agency is handling child porn, and go to their website to get info on what to do. Then call them and ask

But…that’s a big “IF”.

Your description sounds a lot more like, “I heard my dad watching YouTube.” Aaaaaaaand…???