Emerg Services I have to go back to work. I don’t know any other way. Half vent. Half could use a smack upside the head.

@Friday - know exactly how that feels. Hopefully this stupid covid situation will abate and you can commence rehabbing the body and getting back into the kind of shape you want to be in. All the while keeping your eye on that goal and making necessary adjustments to align with whatever is okay for you - and that does change so much.

Recently I almost succeeded in returning too. Not giving up and going to retry. I hope you do too.


Sometimes I feel ok but then I try and walk downstairs. I can hardly read this anymore. The material was all time sensitive but I’m out of time. I’m old. That happens to everyone. The stuck feeling is what caught my attention though. My meditation works because I recognize I always had this feeling so it can’t be situational. I’m feeling it again these days but I try and not fight it because then I’m exhausted from feeling stuck and I’m exhausted from fighting against feeling stuck and worry about how I’m going to fix it and be the hero, which Ive never been. Love is what I’m fighting for, but you can’t storm the ramparts for it. The op was awhile ago hope you are feeling better .