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I just wanna sleep and can't

So a huge part of my isssue is that i nearly died, in bed. I went to bed one night and came round to my partner trying to save my life.
I can't go into more detail just now, i'm not ready. I'm just gonna offload and hope it helps
i'm fed up with not being able to sleep
i'm tired
i hate that everynight i wake up countless times either jumping, having bad dreams or seeing things in my room that aren't there when i wake up
i'm sick of cold sweats
i'm tired of going to bed tired and then panicking about going to sleep and then not sleeping at all
I'm fed up of being scared of something that is so simple.
I hate going to bed everynight scared i won't wake up
I'm scared of dying in my sleep
I hate that my bedroom and bed scare me
I miss feeling relaxed.
I hate nightmares
I'm sorry its so hard for you atm. Being in a constant state of exhaustion is awful 😞
I had lots of triggers around bedroom and bed, TBF I think most of us can relate to that.
My main strategy was to change my environment as much as possible. Pictures, lights, smells, sounds. Anything and everything that was cheap and easy to put in place....
Does it work, erm, mixed I guess, but having different things to try and ground me helps a bit