If PTSD is elevated, do you eat way less?


Yeah, I have ptsd with disassociative symptoms. When it’s really bad, I’m not connected to my body. I don’t feel hunger, or pain. I have to force myself to eat, sometimes I can’t, like the physical act of putting food in my mouth in repulsive. Though I’ve never had an eating disorder, it never lasts long enough. I’ve lost weight before from this, but I just get it back again soon when I feel better. Exercise helps me connect to my body again and makes me hungry. But there’s also been times that I exercised too much too hard because I was in a bad space and not connected to my body so I injured myself. So yeah, have to be careful and stay aware. I also find myself drinking more coffee on bad days. I drink one cup everyday, three cups make me jittery so I put a hard stop there, but I know if it’s a three cup day I’m probably not doing well and need to watch out.


One thing I found that works for me is making breakfast. I have a Dash (brand) egg cooker that makes boiling or poaching eggs simple and even if its just eggs and toast I find it easier to eat in the morning.

It's one meal that has been consistent through all the PTSD crap. I get much more creative now on good days....


I struggle with this. You are not alone. Sometimes mechanical eating can help. Just eating on a schedule. Eating set things. Nutrition is obviously really important in taking care of yourself and staying as stable as possible. I do have a history of anorexia too so they are just linked for me but I think if it is ptsd related understanding what happens for you can help you manage it. Take care as best you can.