Insert Swearish Rant Here


Why is it EVERY f*cking single f*cking time I go for something as F*CKING SIMPLE as blood tests it turns into some big f*ucking production???????

Two f*cking clinics to get samples for cretine and thyroid. Two hours f*cking about for TWO F*CKING VIALS of blood.

But no, it has to be some huge bullsh*it production while I'm stressed to hell just being there, and then to some bright bulb lab tech says "you don't look very good". Good thing the Mrs. was there, I was about to turn him into an involuntary blood donor.

You should see what I wrote to their customer service. I flat told them not to send back any patronizing "continuous improvement" crap because if they were improving I would lose my sh*t on them after every visit. I wouldn't mind but EVERY SINGLE F*CKING TIME I get blood samples taken in the last year has been an adventure in PTSD stressor land.

So f*cking wonderful - I get the better part of my life f*cked up in a hospital bed and now the resulting chronic illness needs monitoring and blood tests and we have to turn that into a f*cking nightmare too. Just f*cking wonderful......


godamit, learn to drive! And learn to respect other people and their safety. Everyday, during my commute, I get stuck between a tailgater and someone doing the limit or less, usually because thats all the faster they can go due to traffic, so I am following at a safe distance and speed and some jerk can't stand to be stuck behind me (us) and tailgates until they either pass me or I take a breather in a parking lot. then they go tailgate the next poor guy in the line, and another and another all the way home I guess. I hope they make it home alright but I wish they would do some thinking and try to do their part to insure their own safety. I hope they get a chance to reflect on their actions and change their ways, some of them won't get that chance.


godamit, learn to drive!

Some poor idiot the other Xmas will never know how close they came to being reverse-rammed, ripped out from the wreckage, and curb stomped or dead checked. I’d already slipped the vehicle into neutral & run the angles, before I caught myself acting out old scripts. It was a close damn thing. Serious ice water for blood, and I have to go throw up now, moment.

I find it helps to think to myself “I’m gifting you your life, motherf*cker.”


“I’m gifting you your life, motherf*cker.”
Yep. Sent many just like you on a helicopter ride, seen the things you will see someday if you keeping driving like that. You should say thanks, but you are too selfish to even see the people around you that save you from yourself, not worth my time, hope you don't take anyone with you when you finally get to the finish of this BS.