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Invisible Fire

f*ckers. Maybe contact them and tell them you want a cash refund.
I did and they said they can't do that. which i don't believe. had me talk to different people none who could give me my money back. But, i know i can still use the gift card. Not sure what I'll buy with it but just feel they tricked me so they still get my money.


Sometimes when youi can see the end result so clearly heading your way, why not just run headlong into it? When the person you are babysitting is so insistent on creating situations that will cause harm, tryingv to stop them and feeling the stress of the effort and the pain of the failure is just additional damage. In a truly civil society I should be given the option of ststing my case before a jury and living with the decision- Throw her from the train or.....wait for it......face the oncoming train together when it inevitably does come your way.
the danger on the rocks has surelly past, still I remain tied to the mast, could it be that I have found my home at last?

f*ck f*ck f*ck. even 3 times in a row as loud as I can it is only a heasd nod to the additional pain i feel because i care about someone and they dont share the inclination too.


Dude f*ck insomnia. This shit is f*cking lame. I haven't slept normally in so long. It's a beautiful day out. No f*cking energy to go and enjoy it. Maybe I'll get lucky and when I crash it won't be for an entire god damn day. Lol. I drop my damn phone and cracked it as well. Ok the phone isn't that bad. But I still wanted to bitch to someone about it. Lol. I hope everyone is having a f*cking fabulous f*cking day. 😁


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We all have our bad days, and when we get no sleep it makes them that much worse. It gets so frustrating because you never really know when you are going to be going on 3-5 days with out sleep, and then it seems like things are nice out. Or when you do get sleep it's like your out for a 2-3 days. You feel bad cause you missed stuff, it's a never ending cycle of suck! Hope it gets better for you.


I’m taking a deep breath.

f*cking f*cktards that I’m given as coworkers kept the entire day ranting about the same. f*cking. shit. again. It’s f*cking loopy and absurd. You try to speak about a solution? No, they want to rant. You want to speak about flowers? No, they want to rant. You f*cking just want f*cking silence? No, they SHOUT to express you so much they’re right in telling you the same thing over and over and over and appear to be right.

These c*nts from the hardware store that don’t know what a VAT is. Manager says, "It doesn’t exist here! You can’t do that!" "Sorry Mrs, but not only I can but I did it YESTERDAY." "No, you didn’t because it’s impossible." What a dumbass. I really had to think of flowers to remain polite. Said that never again I come back to that store.

f*cking stupid store from hell.

Then coworkers come back and start the same rant. Is this the sort of creepy dream where you keep waking up and things just loop again?

The irony is I’m ranting about people ranting.