Insert Swearish Rant Here


Eew! Alcoholism is f#cking ugly! His brother is sucking the life out of him. J hides and denies it but I see it. F that! He's a grown a×× man who has had so many chances and opportunities and he just f#cking drinks them away. WTF!! After this long??? It is his GD choice to live this way. Let him!!!

It's called life. And there are going to be consequences to your f#ck ups, Dude. What do you think you're special? You ain't s#it but a stumbling mumbling lush. And it is f#cking gross!!

I just wanted to come home from work on a hot GD day and have a cold beer on the lake. Like a normal person. Nope!! When I get home he's here. Hammered drunk. Doesn't say a word to me and ends up passed out in my f#cking house!! At 4:30 in the GD afternoon. WTF! Do that s#it at your miserable home.

J and I go about our day. Pretending you aren't passed out in the spare room. Grill dinner. Talk. Play.

You wake up. Looking like a f#cking hobo. Eat. And expect J to drive your disgusting azz home. Who the f#ck do you think you are???

You deserve to be locked up. The sooner you realize this. The better. You, Sir are so f#cked!! Cheers to you, Dumbass!!

We're gonna go kayak at the big lake and enjoy this beautiful day. You can sleep or drink the day away. IDGAGDF!!!! Loser!!
yup alcoholism is f*cking ugly. Won't he acknowledge it or go into a programme?


He went last time he got in trouble. For 2 days.

J told him "if I were you I'd clean myself up. A haircut, shave, shower. And check myself in to rehab. But that's just me". It fell on deaf ears.


Seriously go f*cking do one.
You want to tell us all how f*cking tired you are? Get a f*cking life and take a look around and see how hard the rest of us are actually working while you sit on your high horse and complain.

You have no f*cking idea what some people are dealing with so stop making out your life is worse than ours when you are playing the system.

You give the rest of us a bad name and it’s bullshit.


I'm having a bad mental health day....?? f*ck this shit, bollocks! I haven't washed in weeks and I'm really f*cking lazy. I'm too f*cked up to even concentrate on anything. I'm lonely and I hate it. I just want connection with other people and help. f*ck shit. ?


This is going to sound unkind but it annoyed me today. Once a week I meet up with a recovery group to go for a walk in the park (for at least an hour) and then we grab a drink afterwards. Today a new woman turned up and she had a injured foot. Needless to say our walk was dramatically cut short because she couldn't walk. ' can we just get a drink and sit down and chat' she said. Everyone was polite and kind about it but inside I was thinking that I wait all week for that and it was f*cking inconsiderate of her to even turn up because it ruined the walk for everyone else.

f*ck off quite frankly.

I also found out this week that I was refused therapy by the nhs so I wasn't in the best of moods. They can f*ck off aswell.

f*ck heads.


If I see ONE MORE “tactical” “recon” “mission ready” or any OTHER tacti-cool bullshit nonsense named civilian f*cking backpacks... I might just throw my tablet across the room. Or march my grumpy ass down to their stupid marketing departments and cough on them. FFS. I’m just trying to buy a motherf*cking BACKPACK. Snap a bedroll on the bottom. 2 changes of clothes, med kit, food substitute, & coffee pot inside. Poncho, flashlight, tent outside. Why the f*ck does it need to be “named” some ridiculous Rambo self important nonsensical... brick wall. Bang head. Brick wall. Bang head.

I might could deal with some Princess Snowflake nonsense name... if they weren’t all ALSO made of “look funny at from across a crowded room” and it will melt &/or rip city-people-satiny-nylon. My packs? Need to have sparks blowin against them without melting to my skin, and dumping my kit on the ground, thanks. And possess the ability to, you know, actually GO OUTSIDE. Not the atrium of a skyscraper, or waiting for an eco-conscious bus outside. But outside/outside. With rocks, and thorns, and water, and sun, and the occasional set of claws & fangs. Che chazzo vafunculo fai.


tacti-cool bullshit nonsense
Yes. I see stuff that looks like it fell out of a video game all the time.

Old guys say "when the rubber meets the road" when talking about bullshit kazoo exhausts that will actually slow your car down and destroy fuel economy unless you replace or retune your honda/acura/kia POS's fuel injection. When the rubber meets the road, thats all look fast go slow BS. Horsepower beats chrome, experience beats horsepower all things being equal when the rubber meets the road.

Dumbest tacti-cool so far? A blacked-out Picatinny railed marlin lever action .30-30. Still a great gun, but if tactical is the goal, lever-action aint the vehicle. And the damn things sell.

The previous message was posted without any swearish ranting. Sorry, I just don't care that much. Wanna race?


but if tactical is the goal, lever-action aint the vehicle
🤣 that IS hilarious, though!

Next up? Tactical Tap Shoes & Accordians!

To be fair? Cleats and Bagpipes -or other big motherf*cking noise- have their place, but trust marketing execs to sub dance shoes for spiked shoes, just like they sub warning:do not bring fabric near flame it will melt, for freaking nomex.

Wanna race?

I’m shit at it, but always have fun.


What @Friday needs is called a FFBB.... Fridays f*cking Backpack Bitches !!!!
True. That. ❣️

Most years? I’m living out of it -out of doors- for about 6mo a year. In all kinds of conditions. Wildfires, hurricanes, rubble... trains, trucks, & aero-planes. It needs to be sturdy-fied, bonafide, also makes julienne fries (okay, not that last part). My last one was this brilliant life-resistant (death resistant seems more accurate), stands up to everything and STILL washes clean so airport security doesn’t get all uppity & problematic. From REI. Now discontinued. Noooooooooo. My mother decided to give it -and my hammock tent- to one of her friends kids who goes camping “almost every summer, for a whole week!” and it’s just one of those Blink. Blink. moments. Are you being disingenuous, or do you think I’m staying at the Hyatt Regency when I’m working??? My mom is a lovely person, and phenomenally book-smart. But some things, just. don’t. seem. to. click. So it’s a valid question, whether she’s TRYING to keep me home Empress Passive-Aggresive, or just doesn’t realize where I go when I leave. Sigh. One of the blokes I used to work with had a dad who wanted to know what “the wine list” is like at the fire-camps? He just couldn’t seem to wrap his head around the idea that anyone would undertake to feed a large group of people, and not include a wine list. All of us who backed his son up? Nope. No wine list. Were “clearly, in on the joke, haha! Great friends you’ve got my boy! Loyalty will see you through!” Again, not a dumb man, but he couldn’t imagine his son living in the conditions we lived in. Or refused to. Wine list. LMAO. Yeah, and I’m in the concierge wing at the Hyatt, mom. Jeeze. Even good parents? Have their wacky moments.

I got sick for 2 years almost immediately after she gave my stuff away, so I’ve yet to replace it. I started to last year... and I think I’ve just realized why I gave it up as a bad job. Some things just need to be bought in person.


I want to burn bridges!! I want to go on an 'unfriend' rampage. I want to say things to people who have either completely ignored me since the death of my son, or said such stupid shit I wanted to smack them in the mouth!!!

And ^^^^^ this has a laaaabel!! A f*cking label. It's called secondary grief. Of being abandoned when your kid takes his own life and people disappear.

I want to not be 'responsible' for an undetermined amount of time and just say what I think and feel to these people in the damned real world, that, what?? What is there excuse for pretending he isn't dead and that I'm not changed forever???

Or saying things like, 'well just work thru it'. What does that even mean?? What the f*ck do they think I've been doing this past year???

I despise how grief is handled in the States!!! Head held high, dignity, and grace. That's what 'we that don't care' want to see so that MY grief does not disturb their safe place of ignorance and lack of care.

I'm putting this here so I do not go on that rampage. NOT because I would regret it, but I also do not want my pain to turn me into the same 'unconscious' f*ckers that they are. Burning Bridges. It will happen. There are so many people that I will never speak to again. Because I want to see flames ten stories high!!!!


I hate it when I ask a question of someone (knowing full well that they heard me), and they totally ignore me and don't give me an answer then they walk away from me...WTH??? I was Fkn' talking to you A-hole, what the hell? Do you think I was just talking to hear the sound of my own voice??? Dammit man, that pisses me the Fk off!!!