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Insert Swearish Rant Here

Eew! Alcoholism is f#cking ugly! His brother is sucking the life out of him. J hides and denies it but I see it. F that! He's a grown a×× man who has had so many chances and opportunities and he just f#cking drinks them away. WTF!! After this long??? It is his GD choice to live this way. Let him!!!

It's called life. And there are going to be consequences to your f#ck ups, Dude. What do you think you're special? You ain't s#it but a stumbling mumbling lush. And it is f#cking gross!!

I just wanted to come home from work on a hot GD day and have a cold beer on the lake. Like a normal person. Nope!! When I get home he's here. Hammered drunk. Doesn't say a word to me and ends up passed out in my f#cking house!! At 4:30 in the GD afternoon. WTF! Do that s#it at your miserable home.

J and I go about our day. Pretending you aren't passed out in the spare room. Grill dinner. Talk. Play.

You wake up. Looking like a f#cking hobo. Eat. And expect J to drive your disgusting azz home. Who the f#ck do you think you are???

You deserve to be locked up. The sooner you realize this. The better. You, Sir are so f#cked!! Cheers to you, Dumbass!!

We're gonna go kayak at the big lake and enjoy this beautiful day. You can sleep or drink the day away. IDGAGDF!!!! Loser!!
yup alcoholism is f*cking ugly. Won't he acknowledge it or go into a programme?
Seriously go f*cking do one.
You want to tell us all how f*cking tired you are? Get a f*cking life and take a look around and see how hard the rest of us are actually working while you sit on your high horse and complain.

You have no f*cking idea what some people are dealing with so stop making out your life is worse than ours when you are playing the system.

You give the rest of us a bad name and it’s bullshit.
I'm having a bad mental health day....😵😝 f*ck this shit, bollocks! I haven't washed in weeks and I'm really f*cking lazy. I'm too f*cked up to even concentrate on anything. I'm lonely and I hate it. I just want connection with other people and help. f*ck shit. 😠
This is going to sound unkind but it annoyed me today. Once a week I meet up with a recovery group to go for a walk in the park (for at least an hour) and then we grab a drink afterwards. Today a new woman turned up and she had a injured foot. Needless to say our walk was dramatically cut short because she couldn't walk. ' can we just get a drink and sit down and chat' she said. Everyone was polite and kind about it but inside I was thinking that I wait all week for that and it was f*cking inconsiderate of her to even turn up because it ruined the walk for everyone else.

f*ck off quite frankly.

I also found out this week that I was refused therapy by the nhs so I wasn't in the best of moods. They can f*ck off aswell.

f*ck heads.
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