It's really hard for me to read the posts on this forum


Policy Enforcement
You’ll quickly pick up when you can and when you can’t handle what’s being posted. People take breaks sometimes for years! Then come back. It’s a great opportunity to use the “social” threads there’s a f*ck ton for a reason. Some days are hard but people still want to feel a part of the community or check in say hi without fear of being triggered.

Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to practice conflict! I’m not a close friend or anything just a nutter with an internet connection, you’re anonymous. Conflict is unavoidable we can be the Guinea pigs for exposure therapy. There’s plenty goes in here. A forum full of reactive ptsd sufferers some with anger issues *points at myself*. People get triggered and react. It’s inevitable.

You could post on twitter right now that you like vanilla ice cream and someone would have a problem with it.

On the other hand my most deep and meaningful change has come when someone cared enough about me to call me out. People in community wouldn’t bother if they thought I was a lost cause or a totally dick. It’s the greatest act of kindness I’ve ever received because someone saw in me I had potential just needed a little push. It’s sucked at the time but it was and continues to be my greatest lessons. None of us are born with complete knowledge. We learn make mistakes and grow.

I’m the same way Instagram isn’t “real” neither is here. It’s a very specific niche of the internet it’s not a true representation of the world. It’s a place people can finally break their silence and that’s fantastic but we’re all here because some pretty shit stuff has happened in our lives. So naturally it can get a bit much. Take breaks, be gentle with yourself.
Yeah i hate twitter and facebook, and frankly forums in general scare me because moderators can only abide by their own policy...i do find anonymity over the internet to pretty comforting.