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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Semi-Rewatching FRINGE. As I only ever saw the first 2 seasons, and have no idea what happens in 3&4. Shall see! It’s marathon time.

Hilariously/Sadly? I am finding myself sooooo blown away how much Anna Torv looks like my oldest friend. I may be watching the show more for “time thinking of her”, as I haven’t seen her in a few years now, as for the fact it’s a damn good show. Weird, and getting weirder, but good.
Neither a movie or a TV show, but I started listening to Night Vale recently (a fictional podcast about a town where every conspiracy theory is true), and I am enjoying it so far. It really commits to its own weirdness.
FBI International

It would freak me the hell out, not to mention piss me off, to have some other country’s police a) waltzing around my country & b) with the legal authority to detain & interrogate.

Which naturally leads to the good ole humdinger of ‘cooperation v rendition’?