Last movie or tv series you watched?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Movie)

I reeeeeeally wish they’d made it a trilogy.

I’m lauding the handling the delicately handled (or ignored, or status quo, or extremist) of feminist views.
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Miss Fishers (Modern) Murder Mysteries…

Which makes me a BIT grumpy.

Firstly? Because the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (TV version of the books) featured Essie Davis. Who is a LOVELY & TALENTED actress… 25 years too old for the part. Brick wall? Bang head. As Phryne Fisher? Is 26. Whilst Essie is 50. IE Attempting to relate to the Agatha Christie crowd, rather than the Phryne Fisher crowd. So now, in the (modern) version… we’ve got a middle 20’s actress & part as her niece. In the 1960’s

It doesn’t just destroy the 4th wall (like the TV version did, of a middle 20’s WWI ambulance driver being acted by a menopausal beauty) , but completely annihilates it; by attempting to get back to the “true” Phryne, by rebooting, in the future.


Takesy Backsies? Is a childrens game.

Either redo Phryne as written, or f*ck off.