Last movie or tv series you watched?

"Gone" is about a woman who escaped a serial killer and then is forced to hunt for him by herself when the police refuse to believe her story. I just adore mystery thrillers.
I am in the middle of watching an action thriller called "Safe House" with Denzel Washington, (2012). I had to take a break from it as it is entirely too intense at times. 😩

True story about writer/director India Dupre’s childhood, starring Katherine Winnick as her mum… who came to Australia for one of her children’s asthma, and was duped into a ‘Keep Australia White’ scheme that offered fake letters or employment to parents, that then took their kids, for ‘farm schools’ once they arrived and had no job, no way of supporting themselves… Similar to the dark chapter in US history; Indian Boarding Schools. Minus the army

11 minute short, 99cent rental on Prime, toooootally worth those digital freebies!! Also worth an actual 99cents, but I’m broke these days (I almost never recommend shorts; Sundance Winner, ‘The Return’ & this one, are the only two, to date.)

Poignant. Precious. Painful.