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Last movie or tv series you watched?

48 Hours “What Happened to the Perfect Child?”
So touching! I have to talk about it! A 9yo girl in a Russian orphanage got adopted along with a 4yo boy by a couple in Atlanta who were way in over their heads. After two years they labeled her as having an attachment disorder and psychopathic and returned her to Russia.

The newscaster who was with her when her parents returned her to Russia tracked her down decades later. After a couple months in the Russian hospital the woman who ran the adoption agency brought her back to America and found a new family for her. The girl ended up with good parents and as a young adult did charity work for African orphans. She married a math teacher and has four kids of her own. The newscaster was so affected by the experience of leaving her in Russia that he ended up adopting a child from Djibouti. 🤍
I am watching "Chained" about a boy growing up under the rules of a serial killer, "Jurassic World: Dominion," and "Rampage"....none of which I can sit through for very long as my attention span tends to wax and wane. So, it may take me until next week to finish them.
I finished the movie, "Chained." It was sick and twisted and they did not end the movie, at least not exactly. They left you guessing as to how the boy turned out, but they made it look as tho he was gonna follow in his perps' footsteps. Depressing movie. Still, I am proud of myself for watching it even tho it was about murder and abuse.