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Last movie or tv series you watched?

I wasn’t sleeping last night and watched my favorite 3 episodes of the x-files. It’s actually a 3 parter Anasasi, the Blessing way and Paper Clip. It’s funny to see the 90s again.
Monty Python (TV series.) Saw a show and apparently BBC used to recycle all their videotape. One of the Pythons found out they were going to erase their show and bought the tape for about $400. But for that we would only have the movies......
Hockey - I can do some "distracted watching" of playoff hockey! (watch a bit and then have it in the background while playing games or reading)

...can't watch my hometown team play yet though.....
Hockey - can't watch live so watching the replay.......Go Oilers!

Rugby catch up day.....NRL and English Premier League games.....plus Women's Pacific 4 tournament.
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