Log Your Daily Exercise


I thought a thread where people can motivate one another by logging your daily exercise, to maybe compete a little, motivate, get others started and competing here in what exercise you do.

I do mean exercise -- in that you actually go and workout -- whether it be power walking, running, cycling, rowing, weights, et cetera. Actual timed exercise where you workout your body.

So I will start....

Saturday -- 30km cycle ride & 5km run.

Sunday -- 30km cycle ride.
Hi, haven’t been on for a while, I’m still working as support worker in mental health, but the time Off, I’m with my sons, I run 5k quite a bit, I do resistance bands, and walking in nature, and checking on friends, hope you are all ok:)
14 x 50 m laps today. Felt really strong & did the swim in a good time. Swam through the pain & out again. Will I pay for it later? hmm..

Played around deep diving for a while & then floating with my arms over my chest or outstretched. Any old how it seems I can still float.

I think if there was an olympic sport for floating I would win gold. If I concentrate I can float like a champion. I can dive too but I float without effort.

Did lots of thinking too... sorting stuff... pushing out the painful stuff.

Something about feeling the warm water envelope my tired, injured old body makes me feel at peace. A rare moment. The worst moment is walking out of the pool & feeling gravity claw at my back and joints. Till next time... but for today that was a good swim.

Rani G

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Trying very very hard to get out of the house today.. depressed as f***I don’t think I can do sports but I must. How? I want to lay and hide under the blanket. Maybe it’s a lil bit of love from Brenda Russell and maybe it’s remembering the dopamine Rush afterwards..