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I spent about 45 minutes doing hip, hamstring, glute and calf stretches and 30 minutes on the bike.

I also installed some exterior trim for a couple of hours and that was probably more exercise than the others -- especially the up and down the ladder because I can't remember stuff the first time part.
Wednesday 8 x 50 m + 3 km walk

Today 10 x 50 m + 3 km walk

Taking magnesium supplements - lots- - got leg cramps ...ugh....hate bloody leg cramps

Next session is Sunday but I walk every day anyway.

Rani G

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to not have machines (Lockdown) is annoying, so I whine on a high level. No treadmill, the Crosstrainer.. ah yeah so there are YouTube Videos. 45 mins Theraband and resistance bands excercises and dumbbells.. boring but I’ve got no choice.. atleast music helps a bit.. urghhhh
10 x 50 metres in the pool - speeding up & feeling more comfortable. Plus 3 km walk with the dog.

Still getting leg cramps. Virtually eating magnesium & other supplements.


Took a bike ride 3km and then 3km home yesterday. And 15 minutes of yoga. Am paying today = fatigue, dizzy, weak. So today my only exercise is trying to walk around the apartment, tidying up and being on my feet for a couple of hours. (Oh how I miss being able to both take bike rides and working out on the crosstrainer for 30-60 minutes and then on the machines for a while.. 😔 😢 ) will post anyway and come back. To see if I can see some progress and not only relapses..
I'm going to the doctor today to get the referral for my shoulder. It ached most of the night after yesterdays swim and I woke up saying a silent ouch bc somehow I was sleeping on it! Gently rolled back off it and it's okay. No swim today but will do walk when it's cooler.


I did my all of shoulder exercises with my resistance band except one (because I don't have a door to use), bridges, one-legged bridges, clamshells, high knees, butt-kickers and squats.

I fought the urge to get on my bike because after getting dry needling with electrical stimulation at PT this morning, I was told to take it easy. Tomorrow is another day.
10 x 50 m laps but not smooth.
3 km walk very late cos it's hot.

Referral for shoulder scan obt., & will be got soon.

I swam through the pain today... there was a moment or too when I imagined it wasn't hurting but I'm being silly. Dr reckons a Cortisone injection may help. f**ck cortisone... I hate that stuff.