Look Back on your 2021 Therapy Achievements


Like Friday, haven't done therapy this year and for similar reasons. Not knocking it and so glad others have benefitted. Covid was first obstacle. Second was financial. Dont know if and when I will go back, but at some point in life (mine is age 63), I really dont know what else can come of it. My health problems are more of an issue at this point and have kept me busy....too busy. Combined with the lack of energy. So for now, I am just trying to accept that is. And yes that calls for a couple of drinks at times, as Friday mentioned, but accepting things right now.


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Great post. Thank you.
I have had twice a week all this year thanks to Covid, I could do it online. But now I have decided going forward once a week and my plan is to complete some time early 2022!
This year I started to see how therapy works for me and realized, I need to hone on that. I need to spend time with many people and learn about me with them learning while learning about them as well - flow both ways. The one way therapy has become too conscious for me and no longer beneficial though I appreciate my therapist to provide such a space now I feel thank you so much but I need the flow with others. Hence, once a week starting in January and probably done in mid spring or early summer.
That is an accomplishment for me.


Lots of work done in therapy this year. Two separate trauma events found, one in January one in November. Did a lot of really heavy EMDR work in the last couple months because of trauma number two.

Because of that there seems to be lots of reprocessing still going on. I know the results will be good when they come but right now with Christmas and all its a little too close to being too much. Lots of executive function problems lately too. Very hard not to get down on yourself when your working memory doesn't work.

Hopefully we found the trauma stuff and next year I can spend less time with my therapist.


I continued to make slow progress toward resolving the trauma. Each step is progress. Part of the progress was to start to get more assertive in life, hopefully sometime depersonalisation will exit forever for me.
I stopped therapy with a crap T.
I found a decent T.
She does EMDR which is showing some signs of effectiveness.
I finished with the energy worker I was working with and will try to learn some of those skills myself.
I found books on a particular philosophy, something I had been searching for and will be part of my mind view in post traumatic growth I think.

Happy Christmas or seasons greetings to everyone! Take care of yourselves :)


Pretty much nothing. Everything I accomplished I did so on my own--he really has not been any help.

I got a new job in August, which was the biggest change here. I'm still battling an intense depression and just living until I die.

So great to see how much other folks have accomplished, though.


Wow, some amazing achievements either through therapy or on your own. I don't think it really matters which as long as you can see positive signs of progress in your life. Some of my greatest achievements involved no therapy. I come and go to it when I think it has a place in my life and leave when I think it doesn't.
Interestingly for me, I find doing therapy via computer better for me than in person. I think it's less triggering and easier to manage because I have so much fear and mistrust. So at a distance I can still do therapy effectively but kind of feel safer because I'm not in the same space as my T. Occasionally I see him face to face, not often as I actually live 300+kms away from where he practices. I originally saw him many years ago when I was living in the same place as his practice but have since moved and then through the covid business I was able to link back up and do therapy virtually.
Atm I'm taking a break over summer and spending time with my family who are home and on holidays, and it's been great. Although because I currently have reactive arthritis I keep overdoing it physically and end up in a bit of pain, so I have to work on a better happy medium.
One of the biggest things for me at the moment has been connecting with some Buddhist principles, involving myself in yoga and meditation. I'm finding the principle of 'impermanence' to really help me and meditating on this and truth kind of brings me to the present really well and helps me view my childhood and lack of safety as a thing of the past. This is not a therapy achievement, although the yoga was suggested by my T, but the Buddhism part is just something I've been reading about and adopting on my own. It's amazing what things help and how things can be different depending on your own style and individuality. It's one of my biggest pet peeves as a teacher with how trauma is currently viewed in education, as a kind of one size fits all thing. But then I have to try and be tolerant because most educators I suppose are at an early understanding and awareness of the issue.

Thanks for all these amazing shares so far on your achievements! I've been really enjoying reading them! It makes me feel so positive and thoughtful about recovery. :)


Thanks for this thread!

It was a tough but productive year.
-New parts came up, and one of them worked very, very hard to be comfortable around others, and the other has become one of my guiding lights
-Came out as bigender to family, friends, and a few coworkers, and am figuring out what that means for my system
-We're learning how to support ourselves with the help of the female parts
-And the biggest thing, a lot of our parts are now co-conscious. That's a huge challenge, because now a whole cluster of parts will experience and remember past trauma. The trauma is less compartmentalized, which means an opportunity to move forward, but also difficult experiences in the present.


I kept going instead of following my natural response and running away.

I told T the full truth about what happened after two years of sessions. (I mean, mostly, there is still stuff trapped in my head, but that’s about later and I’m warming to the idea of talking about it).

I wrote. A lot.

I started to accept things weren’t all my fault.