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Our Mia just loves the beach. Rolling and playing in the sand, let alone beating-up her sister, smashing her into the sand and tossing her round for self amusement.
PTSD and holidays. What a paradox! Need recovery days from taking time away from home. Geez. We only went away for 3 nights, and I was moody for half that time just trying to recover. Just needed chill time and all good again.

I think the most relaxing holiday I've ever had was upon cruise ships. You do nothing, other than getting to the ship and back, the rest is just relaxation and nothing stressful. Even day trips are all organised for you. Turn up and enjoy. Not getting on a ship any time soon with covid hanging around. Maybe a couple of years when the world is vaccinated.
I think the most relaxing holiday I've ever had was upon cruise ships.
That’s where I’m going when I need assisted living, instead of some boring old nursing home! 🚢 🛳 ⛵

Roughly the same cost, 24/7 access to medical care, physio, spa services, waited on hand and foot... and WHERE would the grandkids rather come visit? The smelly old folks home, or Fiji/ Norway/ Alaska/ Caribbean/ Mediterranean / Hong Kong (wherever Gran is this year!) with all the fun toys onboard, and all the excursions out & about.

Yep. No contest.

Fun-Fun at 5, 25, or 85.
Mine is slightly different... travelling Australia instead of the world. After we finish renovations, my next project is to build a 4x4 tourer. Something that can access all of Australia without issue, with a nice iKamper 4x on top of it. Maybe even a small bed behind (expedition 12 by Zone RV) or one of their small off-road vans if really feeling like a bit more. Four wheel driving Australia will do me fine, coming home here and there for a break. Maybe toss in the occasional cruise somewhere.

This thing will have a kitchen, fridge, hot shower, the lot. Not travelling with basic bullshit. Ah ah. I like the small expedition 12 as a tow bed... as it has queen bed, ensuite and full outdoor kitchen. Enjoy all the country has.
Trying to holiday out of state was an epic fail. NSW covid outbreak allowed us two days in Qld, then we had to quickly return incase we got locked out due to all the nonsense in NSW. Oh well... we got two days with family. Sticking to holidaying in Vic for the foreseeable future whilst Covid is around and making things a mess. Looking forward to a short Bendigo holiday in a weeks time. Will be nice to get away without the worry of having to get back into the state if Covid goes wild. Can enjoy holiday, come home, regardless what Covid does in Vic.
Did I tell you how over being in lockdown I am? I think we're around 220 days in hard lockdown here in Melbourne since Covid started. I'm really over it. Only supermarkets and doctors are open, takeaway coffee, everything else is shut. Online ordering things is just insane - more and more things I order are wrong on delivery from what I ordered, and they're taking weeks, some more than a month, just to get from a shop that I could walk to and get the item. This is insanity.

My stress was so high two weeks ago, by the looks of it, my body created its own blood pressure issue where I was at the point of passing out for days between laying and sitting up. Like who knew? PTSD can literally cause you to not regulate your otherwise very normal blood pressure due to feeling significantly stressed. I knew anxiety and stress can cause a lot of issues for health, but crap, even the ability for your body to regulate blood pressure that is normally amazing (no weight or other health issue present). I am literally a beacon of health in my annual health tests. Zero physical health issues normally. Learn something new all the time.

Its just not healthy being locked up like this with limited scope to venture outdoors.