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Best way to spend holidays.

I am thankful to be living in Australia. Those in need lineup for Government support that rolled out swiftly to help people feed and cloth themselves (as sad as that is to see) - in America, people line up to buy guns and bullets. What are guns and bullets for? To shoot one another? To be kind to your neighbour? I don't see good things from that at times like this.

That did not make for positive International news.

OMG - now just waiting for the blame game to begin. This obviously isn't bad enough - so what next? A little war maybe? To retaliate for the disease? For China keeping it secretive? Bullets and bombs will fly OR every country will pull manufacturing and buying from China, crippling them to third world status once again. Just nothing good is within the near future as I can envisage it based on human stupidity.
Most likely right. The gun are because everyone is running scared and thinks the next person is going to shoot THEM for their toilet paper.
Personally, I’m pissed I didn’t buy one prior so that I could go survive in the wild for a while. I’ll have more luck with the wild animals than the now very angry homeless population. They are doing really violent things to each other and accosting other people in parking lots. It’s gotten a little hairy around here.
Not sure if you appreciate other's comments in your personal journal but this struck me:
now just waiting for the blame game to begin.
I feel it's already begun in Trump's continuing use of the term "the Chinese virus" to refer to COVID. He's using the term to attempt to deflect blame from the way he's handled it himself - very poorly. He wants us instead to blame the Chinese. It's working, at least in the way that people have been treating Asians and Asian-Americans here now. It's just pure idiocy.
America is usually about shifting blame to who they want approval from their country to go attack next. Been a thing for a long time. Incite the public, go bomb someone. It's a shame it started already. I just read that Trump is apparently going to lift restrictions for America within weeks, not months, like everyone else. That will kill a lot of people in the country based on the facts of this nasty little thing.

I honestly have never really understood America. That gap of knowledge just keeps expanding within the unknown.

Presidents that are based on popularity, wealth, fame, running a country. Guns are a good thing. Argh!
I just read that Trump is apparently going to lift restrictions for America within weeks, not months
Yep, he's sure going to try, because this is killing his hotels. There's probably no deeper reason than that.

Probably half the states will follow his lead, while the other half will keep restrictions in place unless the Feds force them to stop. But even half the restrictions is pretty much the same as no restrictions.
A county near here closed its roads to through traffic. I wonder how long that will last. That area is the gateway to a major route. Weeks or months?