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Carpet in the main rooms, tiles everywhere else. The hall I'm standing in to take that pic... is carpet right now. Will be tiles at the end, which will flow into the guest bathroom at the end, back down the entry, kitchen and such areas. Lounge, beds and office will be wool carpet. Unsure of the exact tiles yet... a distant thought right now that will get chosen once at the guest bathroom... which is after the guest bedroom, being the next room on the agenda once the office is finished, and I've sold off some stuff to clean the room out so I have space to shift and move things around during the rest of the Reno. And we need to stay in the guest bedroom when our master and ensuite get done together much later next year.
I miss the snow already...


Damn I love skiing. And off-course someone had to have a pink toboggan.

I despise illness. Grand daughter got some 24/48hr bug, gave it to her parents, and gave it to me when looking after her for a day this week. Argh. Always the way. Wiped me out yesterday, didn't move from the lounge and toilet. Yuk! Running 70% today... that should be its course. Here's to tomorrow morning, hoping I awake back at 100% feeling good.

Will be pissed off if I don't.
I love a Melbourne, cold, misty, morning, when walking in the park. It was about 1 degree when taking these...

I was born in Melbourne. It's still my fav capital city on this, my home, the eastern side of the country :-). Beautiful park-y city with loads of diverse cultural coolness and culture. A bit cold for my Season Affectiveness type disposition though. I am up in the humid locale of far north NSW now.