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Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

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Got the H2O HD steam cleaner... shit, it works a charm. On a steam cleaning frenzy across the house now. Always loved cleaning with steam... the only thing that really does kill everything and cleans so effectively. Lots more work required and mess made with it, but the end results is far better once wiped up.
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Been super busy lately... lots going on in life. A little stressed, relaxed yesterday with my granddaughter, helping look after her yesterday. She's just such a little bundle of cuteness... looks at you and melts your heart already.

Taking the puppies for a long, slow walk this morning. Then I have to knuckle down and sort out the raffle, then I need to sort out some server stuff, then do some reading, go to shops, and on the list goes. Days are booked already nearly for the rest of the week. Argh!

Then I need to start tidying up some little bits and pieces here.
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Slightly annoying past 3 weeks being sick with the flu. Apparently the doctor believes I literally got three different strains, one after the other, as all three weeks were different symptoms. Started getting better, start doing stuff slowly... boom! Struck down again. The last few days have been fever and just feeling like shit. Wokeup at about 90% ok... walked the dogs round the block, went to shops for first time in a week, down to about 85% -- so taking it easier now the rest of the day.
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I swear... Fucccccckkkkkkkkk... there we go, done. I'm running at about 95% wellness, maybe 90%, debatable at this time. This flu has a stranglehold on me, I'm sure of it. I've been resting, and the last few days I've been around that 90 to 95% mark waking up. My last strategy didn't work, being when I felt better I resumed daily duties as normal, and this one, whilst working, I can still feel the damn thing ready to jump me. Its like the flu that keeps on giving. Its just below the surface, awaiting for me to overdo it and wear myself down, thus my immune system, for just a day, then BAM! It will do me over.

I cleaned the house today, I feel ordinary after it. Not terrible, but I can feel it trying to get hold already. I just want my immune system back to what it was... immune to shit.
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My world feels balanced again, :rolleyes: sub-woofer has returned to the system. I felt lost without the rumble through the floor that only that lovely bass feeling provides. Bless its little bass feeling. SONOS, you rock. Don't me wrong, our KEF speaker system and sub was amazing, we just don't need all that extra stuff though nowadays. A top range SONOS playbase with sub = apartment genius. :headphone::headphone::headphone:
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I swear I have no idea where time goes, but damn... it goes fast. I've barely sat still for the past week and a bit, having little time to spend online, on tasks I need to get done, on things I want to do. Here it is... Wednesday, a week and a bit since, and already afternoon. I'm just now actually, totally, free, for my time, and I feel pretty good about having it.

Tasks here I come.
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