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A view of Melbourne, morning and night.


Big days can be tiring. Been running around for others today... nearly 18,000 steps later, home, nothing I wanted to achieve, achieved -- but there is tomorrow, fingers crossed. Did get to buy two new pair of jeans though, which I seriously needed. I was sitting down the other night when Nicolette looked at my crutch, told me to look down, and low and behold, air conditioning in my jeans. They're in the bin now. I tend to wear one pair for the winter months / cold months, which here in Melbourne is usually around 8 months of the year will be jeans day, the rest shorts. So that is off the list. Just everything else I wanted to get done, not done. Argh!

PTSD annoys the piss out of me, in that just doing not much other than running around for little tasks all day, at the end of the day my anger is rumbling below the surface telling me to now, chill the f*ck out, rest, recuperate, take on the growing list tomorrow.

Oh well... shit happens. But I got my jeans -- that was a by-product of being in the same area of the city, so my head said "f*ck it" and "just do it now" and so I did. :D:singing:
Muscles hurt in places not felt for years... renovating, twisting into places and weird positions to impact screws in and such -- ouch!

Getting there though. Glass door in. TV installed. Did all the electrical, installed fan too. Built all the wall cupboards, file drawer island bench, still in process of finishing the mobile drawer units, then tomorrow I can start on the benches going in, which wrap the three sides. Fun fun...

Only the one mistake (see the gap in corner wall cupboards), so will get another cupboard cut and fitted soon to finish that off correctly. Tip -- don't design cabinetry at midnight. Only bad things happen.

The plaster work was the worst part I think, as this specific first part of the reno entailed removing a wall which made a hallway, separating the office room. Taking that out and getting the plaster work perfect so you can't see any imperfections -- tedious work. Took about a week of lighting, touch-up, light it, touch-up, repeat and rinse. Got it though. Bought a spray unit to paint with. Will never roll paint again. Spray is so much easier. A bit more work in the prep to cover everything... but faster overall and a much better outcome.

Once the whole apartment is completed, then the flooring will get done and skirting boards fitted and painted prior to flooring. Order!

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